(Note: The following article was written three years ago. Since then, Urotsukidōji has been re-licensed, given a revised English translation, and a full book release by FAKKU!. That said, I still recommend reading the following article since it gives insight into the multiple domestic releases that it’s had in Japan. Once you’ve read this, please feel to check out my write-up concerning the new 2016 version here. Many thanks, Brendan. Jan. 22nd 2017)

Originally serialized in Manga Erotopia before it’s publication on December 1st 1986 courtesy of Wani Magazine Comics, Urotsukidōji (Japanese title: うろつき童子) is an epic 6 volume erotic horror set in present day Tokyo. The premise of the story is centered around a legend that foretells of a supreme god of gods known as the “Chōjin” who appears in human form once every 3000 years to unify the 3 realms of the Human world, the Demon world, and the Man-Beast world in order to create a universal utopia for all. Amanojaku, a skilled Man-beast warrior, has taken it upon himself to venture to the human world together with his sister Megumi and his servant, Kuroko, in an attempt to seek out the Chōjin and protect him to ensure the prophecy is fulfilled. The denizens of the Demon world are also in search of the Chōjin and when it is revealed that the target of their attention is laying dormant within the body of a hapless high-school student called Tatsuo Nagumo, things begin to get very messy…

Urotsukidōji was not only a huge success for Wani Magazine Comics but it was also the Manga that well and truly put Toshio Maeda on the map. The Manga was so successful that each volume was reprinted upwards of 45 times each in order to meet demand from readers and it was also adapted into a series of Anime OAVs. As such, due to the popularity of this piece, there have been several releases both domestic and overseas for both the Manga and the Anime so finding a definitive source for information is somewhat difficult. It is with this in mind that I hope to set the record straight and clear up any confusion (at the time of writing this, the English wikipedia entry for Urotsukidōji is riddled with errors) by laying down a full plot summary and character list, as well as outlining the differences between the original 6 volume version and the Suzuran Comics 4 volume “Complete Edition”. So, without further ado…

The story opens with aus3 young lady masturbating with a soda bottle in her apartment. Though still a virgin, she is clearly being manipulated by some kind of demonic force.
The following day, a Man-Beast by the name of Amanojaku flies into Tokyo. Within mere hours of his arrival, he witnesses a horrific traffic accident involving a baby cart and an oncoming juggernaut. The mother of the baby runs into the road in an attempt to grab the runaway baby cart but is hit head-on and killed instantly. Amanojaku rescues the baby and flies to a nearby rooftop to survey the situation. No sooner does the baby begin to cry however, Amanojaku gets irritated and throws the baby into a nearby canal killing it outright. Buoyed by the bloodshed, Amanojaku is filled with excitement as he heads to nearby Meishin Academy to begin his first day at his new school. Amanojaku enrolls at Meishin School under the guise of being a transfer student from Osaka’s prestigious Yuga High School and registers himself under the name of “Amano Hajime”.  Later that day during recess, Amano comes across one of his new classmates, Tatsuo Nagumo, spying on another of their classmates, Akemi Ito. Amano makes fun of Nagumo but tags along with him when he sees that Akemi is being called into the school infirmary by their English teacher, Miss Togami. Out of concern, Nagumo follows them both to the infirmary where he witnesses Miss Togami transform into some kind of freak before sexually assaulting Akemi with her long tongue. Nagumo can’t believe his eyes and his gasp of surprise alerts Miss Togami to his presence. Using her magical telekinetic powers, she launches an array of nearby pens and scissors towards the door that Nagumo and Amanojaku are hiding behind but Amano uses his magical powers to deflect the missiles back at Miss Togami, narrowly missing her face by inches. Clearly rattled, Miss Togami suspects that she is not the only Demon in the school and sends Akemi home. Upon arriving back home, Akemi checks herself in the mirror for damage but is soon overcome with the urge to masturbate. Her encounter with Miss Togami seems to have left her wanting more and she can’t help but touch herself. The following day, Akemi feigns a stomachache and asks Miss Togami if she can accompany her to the infirmary again. Amano and Nagumo are keeping a close eye on Akemi and follow them both to the infirmary once again. Soon after Miss Togami starts to molest Akemi, she senses the two of them spying on her and launches an energy blast at them both to force them from their hiding spot. Refusing to back down, Amano levitates the entire room into the sky as a show of strength which further angers Miss Togami to the point of transformation into her true self – a lizardlike demon. The demon attempts to strangle Amano with it’s long tongue but a simple energy blast from the Man-beast is all it takes to destroy her.

us5Though the demon that was possessing Miss Togami is dead and she is back in control of her senses, Amano explains that she will continue to get visits from the Makai (The demon world) as they need to constantly rape her in order to maintain their control over her. Amano convinces her that his semen is much stronger than theirs and that it can break their hold over her. She has sex with Amano to receive his seed before being visited by a demon shortly after. The demon violates her but begins to feel a burning pain in the penis. Upon learning that the demon still hasn’t discovered who the reincarnation of the Super God known as the “Chōjin” is, Amano comes out from hiding and blasts the demon away, killing it instantly. The following evening Nagumo has a vivid dream in which he is attacked by terrifying demons. In the dream Nagumo tries to escape but as the demons close in on him he transforms into a formidable demon himself and kills all but one of the assailants who flees after calling Nagumo “Chōjin”. Obviously somewhat perturbed by his dream, Nagumo tells his classmates about it and mentions being called a “Chōjin” to which he is met with ridicule from everyone except Amanojaku who can’t believe his ears. Word of Nagumo’s dream spread around the school and the Makai get wind of the rumor in no time. That evening they decide to pay Nagumo a visit at home while he’s playing around with Akemi to see if he really is the fabled Chōjin. The demons attack Nagumo and molest Akemi in an attempt to provoke Nagumo into revealing himself as the Chōjin but at best Nagumo panics and his fear triggers a localized series of tremors akin to an earthquake which scares the demons away. Amanojaku, who was watching the entire ordeal from afar, also concludes that Nagumo can’t possibly be the Chōjin and decides to look elsewhere.

Amanojaku’s close friendus8 and underling, Kuroko, a little black imp from the Man-beast world, pays Amano a visit at school causing trouble in the process as he flies up all the girl’s skirts during class. Amano tells him about Nagumo but Kuroko is skeptical due to Nagumo’s nerdy demeanor. Just to make sure, Amano shoots an energy beam at Nagumo but his shot strangely seems to miss it’s target. Later that day Amanojaku is taking part in a school Basketball game where he comes across an athletic rookie called Norikazu Ozaki. Both athletic and popular with the girls, Amano is convinced that he must be the Chōjin and sets about following him. After the game, Ozaki is covertly making out with a girl in the apparatus room when Nagumo absentmindedly walks in them both. Startled by what he sees, Nagumo trips backwards and scrapes his arm on a rusty nail  which leaves him with a nasty cut. Ozaki helps Nagumo to his feet and licks the blood off Nagumo’s arm as a joke. By means of apology for embarrassing his friend in front of the girl, Ozaki takes Nagumo to a bar that evening for drinks where they are unknowingly being followed by Amanojaku. A short while later, Amano walks into the bar and casts a possession spell on two of the waiters and waits for Ozaki and Nagumo to us7leave. Ozaki and Nagumo eventually leave the bar and drunkenly stumble home but Nagumo is too wasted to walk and passes out in a side alley. Ozaki tends to his friend but is set upon by the two possessed waiters who are now brandishing knives. Amanojaku’s trick to test Ozaki backfires however when Kuroko, in the worst possible timing ever, teleports in front of Amano’s face to talk to him about something and obscuring his view completely. Amano slaps his friend out of the way but all he can see is Ozaki surrounded by the mutilated bodies of the bartenders screaming “It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!”. Kuroko puts Ozaki’s words to the test by firing an energy blast at Ozaki which causes him collapse after emitting a strange ball of energy which flees into the night sky. The following morning Nagumo awakes at home to discover that his t-shirt is covered in blood and he can’t recall why. Ozaki also awakes at home as if nothing happened but his body is now very muscular and he has chest hair. Later that day, Ozaki complains of having a fever and is sent to the infirmary. When faced by the school nurse however, Ozaki is overcome with lust and sexually assaults her. Amanojaku and Kuroko are on the scene immediately and burst into the room… (End of volume 1)

Amanojaku and Kurokous9 walk in on Ozaki as he is raping the school nurse. The moment Ozaki climaxes he claims he’s just a kid but Amano blasts him, killing him almost instantly. Confused as to how he could suddenly become so weak, Kuroko scans Ozaki’s memory and see’s him lick the blood off a stranger’s arm. The memory playback is too dark and hazy to see that it’s Nagumo so Amano sends Kuroko out to find a boy with a cut on his arm. Kuroko instead heads for Nakamura, the girl he saw in the vision making out with Ozaki, and eventually gets her to blurt out that the boy who walked in on them was in fact Nagumo. Several days later, a mysterious girl with an Osakan accent transfers to Meishin School and she soon seduces a young kid called Sagawa in the bushes. The P.E teacher catches them in the act and she accuses Sagawa of molesting her. Sagawa subsequently gets expelled for 3 days. Nagumo and Akemi don’t believe that Sagawa could do such a thing so they stalk the girl until they see her offer free sex to a mature salaryman. She takes him to a love hotel and Nagumo and Akemi follow them inside, insisting that they rent out the neighboring room so they can listen in. The girl transforms into a monster upon climaxing and disembowels the salaryman. It soon transpires that the girl with the Osakan accent is actually Megumi, Amanojaku’s younger sister. Nagumo is upset with her so he invites her to his house to try and convince her to confess that the Sagawa incident was her fault. She refuses and instead tries seducing Nagumo. In a panic, Nagumo runs out of the house and heads towards Sagawa’s place but get hits by a taxi and is fatally injured. Despite the ER dept’s best efforts, Nagumo dies on the operating table. Moments later however, he sucks the life force out of the 3 male doctors in the room and awakens as the Chōjin. Nagumo immediately rapes the lone surviving nurse. Megumi senses a powerfully high level of male spirit energy and goes to investigate catching the Chōjin in the act. Nagumo suddenly reverts back to his original state, injury free, and with no recollection of what happened to him. Kuroko however, saw the entire transformation take place.

Meanwhile, Amanojaku is back in the Man-beast world making out with the King of the Man-beast’s daughter, Mimi. Kuroko comes to report that the Chōjin has appeared and brings Amano back to the Human world. Kuroko explains it’s Nagumo but Megumi refuses to back him up until she’s experienced the Chōjins impressive manhood for herself. She follows Nagumo and watches Akemi give him a blow-job in the park. Akemi swallows Nagumo’s semen but Megumi is disappointed that Nagumo’s penis doesn’t grow to the same proportions that it did in the hospital. Kuroko flies back to his own world after being both disbelieved by Amanojaku, and teased by Megumi. En route, he is tempted by three beautiful girls and is suddenly joined by the infamous “3 Demons of the Makai” – Seiki, Yōki, and Goki. The 3 demons offer Kuroko the girls in exchange for information on the Chōjin’s whereabouts. Kuroko stupidly agrees and the demons disappear with the girls the moment Kuroko tells them about Nagumo.

us10Several days later, Nagumo and Akemi enjoy a trip to the seaside. Megumi now appears to have a huge crush on Nagumo and is uncontrollably jealous of Akemi. In an attempt to get rid of Akemi, Megumi seduces three young men to sate her frustrations and also to use them in dealing with Akemi. Unfortunately they aren’t the brightest of kids so she decides against using them and instead opts for the extreme measure of summoning the terrifying Demon king of the sea, Ma-oh, to take away Akemi once and for all. A 40 foot tsunami heads towards the shore and Amanojaku manages to momentarily stop it. A second tsunami almost twice the size as the first appears and Amano heads out to tackle it straight on but Ma-oh grabs him, rendering him useless. In a panic, Kuroko realizes that only the Chōjin can stop Ma-oh so he stabs a parasol through Nagumo’s chest to kill him and reawaken the Chōjin. Nagumo immediately flies out to Ma-oh and defeats him effortlessly. Everyone’s memory of the incident is erased except for Akemi’s as it seems that Nagumo’s love for her stops him from meddling with her mind. The 3 Demons lurk in wait… (End of volume 2)

One of the “3 Demons”, Goki, has begun work at Meishin school in human form under the guise of “Mr. Goto”. The girls in the class are all attracted to him and before long one of the students, Nana Matsumoto, comes to him for sex. Due to Nagumo being in detention, Akemi makes her way home by herself. She cuts through a park and sees her classmate having sex in the bushes. Akemi isn’t the only onlooker though and she is set upon by a rugged man hiding in the bushes. Just as she’s about to be raped, her body emits a load of hot sparks which scares her attacker away. On the way home she gets kidnapped by Yōki, one of the “3 Demons”, and his partner, Seiki, and is taken to the Demon world to be used as bait for the Chōjin. Upon the reaching the Demon world, Yōki and Seiki attempt to rape Akemi but moments after Yōki penetrates her, he feels a burning sensation and immediately withdraws. Realizing that no being other than the Chōjin can penetrate her since she ingested Nagumo’s semen, they are left with no choice but to return to the Human world and provoke Nagumo by assaulting Akemi in front of him. Despite their best efforts to taunt Nagumo they are unable to bring out the Chōjin within him. Due to the sheer humiliation endured by Akemi however, she attempts to kill herself but fails in doing so as it’s revealed that she is protected by the Chōjin energy residing within her. This energy darts into Nagumo and uses him as a conduit to launch a powerful beam that rips right through Seki as Yōki flees the scene to get assistance from Goki.

A few days later, Goki isus6 seen raping Matsumoto again. Matsumoto has now become infatuated with “Mr. Goto” due to him constantly filling her with mind controlling semen. She agrees to do anything he asks so he sends her out to seduce Nagumo. She finds Nagumo alone outside and claims to have something wrong with her private parts. Nagumo reluctantly agrees to take a look but is soon seduced into engaging in intercourse. Kuroko appears out of nowhere wanting a piece of the action and beats Nagumo to the punch by inserting his fist into Matsumoto’s vagina. Her vagina melts Kuroko’s hand off completely as it was a trap intended to melt off the Chōjin’s penis. Realizing she’s failed, a head appears out of her vagina and she scuttles off into the darkness on all fours.

Elsewhere, Amanojaku is getting busy with Mimi again in the Man-beast realm. Kuroko once again interrupts them, this time by biting Amano on the ass. Amano chases after him leaving Mimi alone again. Fed-up with the interferences she resolves to follow Amano to the Human world too. That evening 2 different Makai demons call at Nagumo’s house while he’s asleep. They force their way in and kill his parents before possessing their bodies. The following day, Goki invites another student to the staff room. No sooner does the student go down on him, Mimi walks in on them both catching Goki unawares. Goki attempts to cast a mind control spell on her but it doesn’t work. Shocked, he suspects that she must be from the Man-beast world as he had never seen her before. Later that evening, Akemi visits Nagumo at home to help him with his report but accidentally spots his parents making out in the living room whilst in their true demon form. They make eye-contact and Akemi faints on the doorstep. Nagumo takes her up to his room but before she could tell him what she saw, they were already in the throes of passion. The next day, Goki attempts to seduce Mimi during recess. He discovers her tail and realizes that she really is a Man-beast and just touching her burns his hand. After, Nagumo’s “Parents” call the school and speak to Goki to ask if he was acting strange at all. Goki confirms he wasn’t which means Akemi didn’t tell him about what she saw. Akemi eventually tells Nagumo about seeing his parents as demons. Nagumo believes her but is scared to go home alone. He takes Akemi with him and Mr. Goto is waiting in the living room with his “parents”. The demons immediately make a move for Akemi which enrages the Chōjin within Nagumo. He transforms, elevates his entire house into space and kills all the demons…. (End of volume 3)

us11Now without a family and home, Nagumo is forced to rent out  a single room apartment thanks to his grandfather paying the rent. He and Akemi are finally about to make love but are once again interrupted by Kuroko. This time he’s brought Amanojaku and Mimi with him. As they celebrate the New Year over drinks, Mimi’s father, the King of the Man-beasts, drops by to check on her. Word of Nagumo living alone soon spreads around school and his friends start using his room as a love hotel. After the first time, Nagumo’s neighbor comes out and complains about the noise interrupting his studies. Nagumo agrees to stop letting his friends use his room for sex. The following night, Nagumo’s other neighbor, a mature woman, sneaks into his room and immediately starts to suck on his penis. The lights are off so he thinks it’s Akemi until she walks in on them and turns the light on. Akemi runs away crying and the neighbor goes next door to seduce the guy who complained the night before. The next night, 2 girls are brutally raped and murdered within hours of each other but the police are puzzled as the bite marks are larger than any human or dog. Later the next evening, Akemi and Nagumo are making up with each other. His grumpy neighbor can hear them and starts to lose his mind. Declaring his hatred for women, he begins to transform into a werewolf type monster. When he comes to his senses, he finds himself at the scene of another brutal murder. A police officer sees him and chases after him but the neighbor transforms again and kills the officer.

Due to the series of strangeus12 events happening in Nagumo’s neighborhood, Amanojaku orders Kuroko to keep and eye on Nagumo. That evening Akemi is visiting Nagumo again. The mature neighbor visits the man next door again for sex but discovers that he’s transformed into a werewolf beast. He brutally rapes and kills her but the screams alert Nagumo who goes to investigate. He finds the woman’s body but hears Akemi scream and rushes back to find her being abducted by the werewolf beast who bolts out of the window with her in tow. Nagumo is unable to summon forth the Chōjin and watches on helplessly as Akemi and the kidnapper disappear into the night. The next day at school, Nagumo is called into the principal’s office where he is confronted by Akemi’s parents regarding her whereabouts. Meanwhile, Akemi is down a hole on a construction site with the now human neighbor.  A few hours later, Nagumo is back home with Amano, Mimi, and Kuroko. Amano announces that he’s brought with him two Makai demons, a super flexible woman demon and a muscular male demon with two dicks called Gōrō. According to Amanojaku, these 2 demons are among the most perverted of demons and explains to Nagumo that the sexual energy given off by them when they screw will undoubtedly lure the wolf-beast to them. As expected, the wolf-beast crashes through the ceiling in minutes and confronts the demons. Amano deliberately doesn’t lift a finger to help Nagumo and once the wolf-beast sinks his fangs into Nagumo, he transforms into the Chōjin and blasts a hole through his neighbor. Amano reveals that Kuroko has a better nose than a snifferhound so they could have found Akemi at any time but he wanted to see Nagumo turn into the Chōjin with his own eyes first.

The following day, Akemi tells Nagumo that her parents are really mad and that they don’t want her dating him anymore. They walk back from school together under the supervision of Kuroko and come across a bunch of patrol cars surrounding a bank where an otherwise mild-mannered salaryman has locked himself inside the vault with all the money. Kuroko says that since the Chōjin’s awakening, Nagumo’s mere presence is causing people to lose their sense of reason and act upon their darkest impulses hence the neighbor next door and now the harmless salaryman in the bank. Nagumo is really shocked to hear this and tells Kuroko to fuck off and leave him alone…

us13At the annual entrance ceremony for new first year students, Akemi is groped by her classmate, Yūichi Niki. Akemi protests and her friend, Watanabe, pokes fun at Niki calling him a midget. Niki is furious and storms off. Later that day, Niki comes to class riding on the shoulder of his childhood friend Yōichi Oba. Oba is huge and Niki uses him for protection as he is mentally slow and looks up to Niki. During class, Niki embarrasses his teacher in front of everyone by asking her what her favorite sexual position is. Later during recess, Niki finds Watanabe and forces her to suck his dick for teasing him about his height. She tries refusing but Niki says it’s either that or get banged by Oba who is packing a much bigger weapon. She gives in and goes down on him but another group of students interrupt by teasing Niki and calling him for a pussy for always hiding behind Oba. Niki calls on Oba to beat them up which of course he obliges in doing. Watanabe is distraught and runs away whilst 2 mysterious Makai demons show an interest in Niki from afar. Niki goes home from school where his father is sitting in a vest drinking booze. His father makes Niki massage his shoulders before confronting him about money going missing. Niki says he needed it to buy some new clothes for the school entrance ceremony as his shirts were old and torn. Niki’s father punches him in the face for back-chatting and calls him by his real name of “Taro” before kicking him several times as the 2 Makai demons watch from the window. Later that night, Niki is at home in his room jerking off over Akemi when he is suddenly visited by the 2 Makai demons that were watching him. They offer him the chance to become 5 times stronger than any human and no longer be a loser in exchange for his soul. All he has to do is chop off his penis and replace it with the huge Makai penis they leave him. He agrees and does the deed as soon as they leave him alone.

The next morning, Nikius14 struts into school with Oba. He tells Oba in front of everybody that he is an idiot and that he doesn’t need him to fight his battles anymore. Oba runs away crying as the other members of Niki’s gang look on in shock. During recess, a rival school gang comes to pick a fight with Niki. Niki easily beats two of the members, including the leader, before pulling out his monster sized tool and pissing over him to humiliate him in front everyone. Later that night, Niki’s mother asks where his father is but Niki feigns ignorance. It is then revealed that Niki’s father is laying buried beneath the house with a snapped neck courtesy of Niki. Looking forward to the next day at school, Niki vows to take Akemi from Nagumo….      (End of volume 4)

A few days have passed since Niki’s transformation. Niki’s mother drops by Oba’s family run rice store and bumps into Oba as he’s just about to leave on an errand. She asks him if he’s seen her husband recently as he’s been missing for 3 days. Worried about Niki’s father, and hoping to patch things up with Niki after their bust-up, Oba drops by Niki’s house. When he arrives, he sees Niki talking to two demons through the window. The two demons give Niki some money and tell him to buy a whore to test out his new appendage. Niki goes straight to the red light district and gets laid. The next day, Niki and his gang go around school picking on random students. They come across Oba sitting eating lunch with Nagumo, Akemi, and Amano. Niki kicks the rice out of Oba’s hand and starts picking on him for “leaving” his gang. Nagumo sticks up for Oba which infuriates Niki to the point of him picking a fight with Nagumo. He throws several punches and kicks at Nagumo before uprooting a nearby tree to swing at him but suddenly stops what he’s doing when he gets a sharp pain in the cock. Niki skulks off and Amano remarks that Niki reeks of Makai energy and is no longer human. That evening, Niki takes his friends to a brothel to get laid. Two of his friends ejaculate almost instantly which makes the girl ask for Niki to show them how it’s done. His penis however, is beginning to rot and give off a nasty stench so his friends and the girl suggest he goes to a hospital. Niki goes home to inspect his rotting manhood and it snaps off in his hand. The two demons appear and tell him that the cock only lasts 2 weeks. This time however, they bring a bag of special mud that increases height and muscle mass. They rub it on Niki’s body and tell him the effects are permanent provided that he bathes in the fresh blood of a human within 10 minutes of application. With only 10 minutes to act, Niki goes into the next room and kills his own mother.

us16Niki’s overnight transformation causes a panic among his gang. One member tries to quit but is badly beaten by Niki. During class, Niki tries to woo Akemi by flopping his massive penis on her desk. Nagumo and Amanojaku walk in to the classroom just in the nick of time. Akemi runs to Nagumo whilst Amano makes fun of Niki in front of the entire class. Niki issues a challenge to Nagumo in front of everybody to which Nagumo stupidly agrees. Elsewhere, the two Makai demons have resurrected Niki’s father and brought him back to the Human world. Niki and Nagumo meet up at the arranged place for their fight where Niki tells Nagumo that he’s gonna screw Akemi senseless once he’s finished with him. Niki immediately picks up an entire brick wall and brings it down upon Nagumo’s head killing him instantly. Akemi comes running to help him but Niki forces her to gratify herself in front of him in exchange for taking Nagumo to a hospital before it’s too late. Niki gropes Akemi and declares that Nagumo is dead. Amano and Kuroko look on as Nagumo’s blood trickles towards Niki before leaping up at him to tear him apart. Niki’s life energy is absorbed by Nagumo enabling him to regain consciousness. Amano decides to remove his own head and swap it for Niki’s in order to fool the Makai. The next day, Amanojaku, masquerading as Niki, goes to school with Nagumo. His real head is in Nagumo’s bag so that he can control his body from nearby. Amano tells Niki’s gang members to quit the gang life and go straight. That evening Amano goes to Niki’s house where his resurrected father is waiting for him. Unaware of what Niki did to his parents, Amano is unable to fool Niki’s father. On top of that, the two Makai demons spying on him also see right through the disguise. Knowing they can’t take on Amano alone, they head back to the Demon world realm to  enlist the help of somebody stronger. Upon returning to the Demon world, the two Makai approach a bull-horned, one armed demon by the name of Suikakujū to help them take down Amanojaku. He gladly accepts as he has a 150 year grudge to settle with Amano.

Elsewhere, Amano’s head hasus17 been in Nagumo’s bag all day and feels hot so he sends his body for a dip in the nearby pool that the school female swimming team is using. The teacher orders him to get out of the pool which he does whilst teasing the girls. A huge pillar of water formed by Suikakujū suddenly rises out of the pool and abducts the female swimming teacher. Amano sees some horns and immediately fears the worst. Suikakujū takes the teacher to one of the study rooms and rapes and kills her in order to occupy her body. A trail of water leads Amano to the room the teacher is in and she beckons him closer to her. When Amano approaches her, she immediately grabs him and reveals herself to be Suikakujū. Wanting payback for his arm 150 years prior, Suikakujū blows Niki’s head off Amano’s body. Amano’s real head in Nagumo’s bag screams out in agony and orders Nagumo to to hurry to the scene. Upon arrival, Suikakujū takes Amano’s body and flies away. Amano’s head uses his flying powers to pursue Suikakujū with both Nagumo and Akemi in tow. Amano follows Suikakujū to the border realm known as “Hells Gate”, a realm that is situated between both the Man-beast world and the Demon world and is the home of many outcasts from both sides. Elsewhere in the border realm, Kuroko is making out with a voluptuous girl demon. She asks him to take her somewhere else to “finish the job” so he takes her to where Amano’s body is being guarded. She asks the guard to leave and Kuroko pushes her into the boiling cauldron below Amano’s body before escaping with his friends headless carcass. Suikakujū returns to find the guard absent and Amano’s body missing so immediately sets out to look for it.

us15Nearby, Akemi, Nagumo, and Amano’s head, have been swallowed whole by a huge dinosaur-like beast thanks to Nagumo’s provocation. Shortly after, the same dinosaur spots Kuroko dragging Amano’s body across the floor back to his home village and swoops down and swallows the body whole not realizing that it’s actually reuniting Amano with his missing head. Back in one piece, Amano blasts a way out of the ill-fated beast to release himself and his friends. It’s at this moment that Suikakujū swoops down and abducts Akemi. The Chōjin blood within Nagumo immediately awakens within him causing the volcanic terrain to become volatile. A single outburst from a volcano tears Suikakujū to pieces but it also starts an explosive chain reaction throughout the realm forcing Amano and friends to teleport back to the Human world before they are caught up in the destruction…. (End of volume 5)

Niki’s father is now reunited with his resurrected wife in the Human world. Both of Niki’s  parents are now flesh eating zombies that prey on young girls. Upon being reunited, Niki’s parents attack a young girl in a cemetery, rape her, strangle her to death and then eat her entrails. The next day the kids are talking about the police finding a 3rd year high school student naked from the waist down with her entrails ripped out. Akemi meanwhile is worried as to why Nagumo is absent from school. Nagumo is at home feeling unwell and is being looked after by Kuroko and his kinsman, Yama-chan. That evening, Akemi meets with Nagumo in the park. Since his return to the Human world, Nagumo’s personality has completely changed. He makes lurid suggestions to Akemi and orders her to suck him off. Both disgusted and disappointed by Nagumo’s sudden personality change, she runs away only to be grabbed by Niki’s parents who are lurking nearby. Akemi screams for help and Nagumo nonchalantly walks up to the three of them. Nagumo immediately seems to know that it’s Niki’s parents and that they are in fact now flesh eating Makai zombies. Nagumo pulls Niki’s father’s head off and beats his mother to death as he tells Akemi that they were going to eat her alive. Akemi is petrified by the demonic look on Nagumo’s face as he speaks. The next morning Akemi, who didn’t go home the previous night but decided to stay with Nagumo, tries to wake him up for school. Nagumo is not interested in going but as soon as he sees Akemi’s underwear, he engages in sex with her for the first time, taking her virginity. Akemi’s parents are increasingly worried about her whereabouts and ask the school to request that the police set up an investigation into what’s going on with her and Nagumo.  Elsewhere, Kuroko comes to the Human world to inform Amanojaku that his grandfather is on the brink of death and that he should visit him to say goodbye.

That evening, Nagumo andus18 Akemi are still making love. After spending the entire day copulating, Akemi is completely under the Chōjin’s spell. She refuses to stop having sex even when a plain-clothed police detective bangs on the door. The detective lets himself in and sees the two of them making out. Nagumo teases the detective and when he dashes forward to make an arrest, Nagumo trips him up causing him to smash through the window and plummet to his death breaking his neck on impact. Now back in the Man-beast world, Amano checks up on his ailing 600 year old grandfather for the first time in a century. Amano’s grandfather explains that he’s given his possessions to his other grandchildren but for Amano he is willing to give him his remaining life force. Seeing the puzzled look on Amano’s face, he explains that since Amanojaku has been asked by the Beast King to find the Chōjin, he will use his remaining life force to teleport Amano into the future to see what has become of the Chōjin. Amano is launched some 300 years into the future and lands in Osaka. The entire place is completely desolate except for a few scavenging humans and many Makai demons. Moments after his arrival Amano hears a cry for help from two human girls being raped by a swarm of Makai. Amano saves one of the girls which angers the demons but they are ordered to stop their retaliation by a female voice. Turning around, Amano sees that it’s none other than his sister Megumi but she doesn’t recognize her youthful brother because if he were still alive, he’d be a geriatric man by now. The girl thanks Amano for saving her when a monolithic demon suddenly appears on the horizon. She says it’s “Nagumo” and tells Amano to run for his life. Amano is taken to the only safe area left in the city, Osaka castle, where he meets the group elder. The elder explains that nobody knows where the name “Nagumo” came from but it is rumored that Nagumo was once a human that turned into a demon. He goes on to explain that their only hope lies within the goddess known as “Ito” who is a human that has been pregnant for hundreds of years. Amano immediately realizes that “Ito” is actually Akemi Ito and demands to see her. At that moment, Akemi goes into labor but Amano’s grandfather’s life force comes to an end and Amano is teleported back to the present day without neither seeing Akemi’s baby nor understanding what happened to the Chōjin or Nagumo.

us19Upon his return to the present day, Amano tells Kuroko that he met Nagumo by Osaka castle some 300 years in the future but that he wasn’t the Chōjin they are hoping for but instead a demon that revels in destroying all life. With the identity of the Chōjin once again becoming a mystery, Amano seeks out Nagumo and Akemi for answers. Kuroko gets seduced by a Makai demon when he’s alone and she let’s him screw her as many times as he wants in exchange for information on the Chōjin. Kuroko once again gives in to his lust and blurts out everything that Amanojaku told him. Nagumo and Akemi are still “missing” and stop by a love hotel for sex. Nagumo tells Akemi that she’s no longer human as they begin to copulate again. Elsewhere, the Makai girl that seduced Kuroko calls forth her minions and they embark on a full scale search for Akemi and Nagumo. The Makai don’t care who see’s them as they fly around the city in full view of the humans below. Amanojaku sees all the Makai too and realizes that they are deadly serious so he heads to Megumi’s appartment and pleads that she summons Ma-oh for help.  She agrees and Amano rides atop the wave of Ma-oh as they plow through Tokyo to meet the oncoming Makai swarm.

Akemi and Nagumo are still havingus21 sex but with each passing moment Nagumo is growing bigger in size. Nagumo eventually climaxes inside Akemi impregnating her instantly.  At the moment of conception, Nagumo senses that something is wrong and begins to writhe in agony. Suddenly Nagumo transforms into a huge demon and breaks through the roof of the hotel. The baby within Akemi protects her and tells her that he is the real Chōjin and that he will be born in 300 years time. During this time, Akemi will not age or die. Nagumo has fulfilled his task of passing the Chōjin seed onto Akemi and is now destined to become a demon of destruction that will destroy all life in the world to make way for the true Chōjin. The Chōjin offers to erase his mother’s memories and emotions but Akemi resists. Nagumo heads towards the amassed Makai and Amano destroying everything in his wake. Nagumo destroys the Makai in one fell swoop as Amanojaku flees on the back of Ma-oh in search of Akemi. Akemi suddenly appears in the sky and the true Chōjin telepathically announces that Nagumo is going to destroy all life in preparation for his arrival when he will unify all us23three worlds and rule over them. Kuroko and Megumi arrive on the scene as Nagumo is busy laying waste to the city. Nagumo suddenly transforms into a powerful ball of pure energy and kills the remaining Makai leader. Nagumo then tries to take out Amanojaku but Kuroko sacrifices himself by taking the hit instead of his friend. Enraged at the loss of Kuroko, Amanojaku transforms into his true self and prepares to fight Nagumo. Akemi momentarily wins back control of her senses and calls to Nagumo in a vain hope that his collision with her will kill both her and the Chōjin within her. Unfortunately the Chōjin reminds Akemi that she is now immortal until birth so suicide won’t work. The Chōjin tells Akemi that in 300 years once he is born, Nagumo will reappear in his human form and they will be reunited once again. Relieved to hear this, she gives in and allows the Chōjin to order that Ma-oh takes custody of Akemi and protect her at the bottom of the sea. The fragmented balls of energy that is Nagumo sweep through Tokyo completely destroying all buildings and life. Amanojaku is furious that he spent the past 300 years of his life waiting for the Chōjin only to have his best friend taken from him. Amanojaku screams at the Chōjin in vain to return his friend and all the wasted years he spent in the Human world but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Utterly dejected, Amano and Megumi head back to their own world as Tokyo is completely destroyed. (End)

Main characters:

  • Tatsuo Nagumo –  Considered to be reincarnation of the Chōjin, an ultra god that is fabled to appear once every 3000 years in Human form to unify the three worlds of the Humans, Demons, and Man-beasts. The main protagonist of the story, Nagumo is a bashful high school student in love with the class idol, Akemi Ito.
  • Akemi Ito – The heroine of the story. Akemi falls in love with Nagumo when he tries to rescue her from the lecherous clutches of Miss Togami. Akemi is destined to give birth to the Chōjin.
  • Amanojaku – A Man-beast sent to the human world by the Beast King to search for the Chōjin in order to protect him. Amanojaku has been already spent 300 years on Earth by the time he meets Nagumo.
  • Megumi – Amanojaku’s younger sister. Megumi only has a minor role in the manga but during her short appearance she comes across as a very lusty and jealous girl. Megumi is also in the Human world to help Amanojaku find the Chōjin.
  • Kuroko – Kuroko is a member of the Kuroko clan. A resident of the boundary realm known as “Hells gate”, Kuroko is Amanojaku’s underling and closest friend and will do anything to aid his master in his quest to the find the Chōjin.
  • Miss Togami – Meishin School’s English teacher. Miss Togami is possessed by a lizard-like demon and is used as bait to lure the Chōjin out from hiding. Miss Togami’s first victim is Akemi who she rapes in the school infirmary. Miss Togami is later exorcised of her demon by Amanojaku who then protects her by giving her is semen which repels all future advances on her by the Makai demons.
  • Norikazu Ozaki – Ozaki is the school athlete and all-round stud. Ozaki accidentally startles Nagumo causing him to trip and fall. When he sees that Nagumo has cut his arm, Ozaki jokingly licks the blood off his arm by means of apology. This turns out to be a fatal mistake as he takes on some of the Chōjin’s power and eventually meets his demise at the hands of Amanojaku.
  • Yūichi Niki – School bully and all-round asshole. Niki’s real name is Taro but he hates it so much that he calls himself Yūichi. Tired of being ridiculed because of his short stature, as well as receiving constant abuse from his father, Niki agrees to sell his soul to the Makai in exchange for more power. Though Niki gets considerably stronger, his attempts to steal Akemi from Nagumo go awry when he challenges Nagumo to a fight. Though he kills Nagumo, the Chōjin blood within Nagumo rises up and rips Niki to shreds bringing Nagumo back to life in the process.
  • Yōichi Oba – Oba is Niki’s childhood friend. Big and strong, Niki uses Oba to fight his battles until the day he makes a deal with the Makai. Oba is also the only person at school that knows Niki’s real name.
  • The Three Demons – The Three Demons of the Makai consist of Seiki, Goki, and Yōki. Together they form a formidable unit but individually they are not so strong. All three of the demons are destroyed by Nagumo when he transforms into the Chōjin.
  • Suikakujū– A fearsome demon and arch enemy of Amanojaku. Suikakujū is a bull-horned demon with one arm missing due to a fight with Amanojaku 150 years prior. Though Suikakujū comes close to exacting revenge on Amanojaku, he is ultimately destroyed in a volcanic eruption caused by the Chōjin in the border realm.
  • Ma-Oh the Demon King of the Sea – A fearsome sea demon summoned forth by an overly jealous Megumi to drown Akemi. Ma-oh handles Amanojaku with no trouble but is defeated by the Chōjin fairly early in the story. At the end of the manga, Ma-oh is once again summoned but is charged with protecting Akemi at the bottom of the ocean for 300 years.
  • Mimi – Daughter of the Beast King and Amanojaku’s lover.
  • The Beast King – It is the Beast King that sends Amanojaku to the human world in search of the Chōjin. Though a fearsome entity in his own right, he is also a kind loving father to his daughter, Mimi.

The Suzuran Comics “Complete Edition”:

In 1999, Suzuran Comics republished Urotsukidōji as a bulky 4 volume “Complete Edition”. This edition was touted as having extra pages, more sex scenes, and some bonus color pages to boot. Though largely true, the “Complete Edition” was mostly the same as the original 6 volume epic with 90% of the extra pages being one page extras added to the sex scenes. However, there were 3 extra scenes not printed in the original that were included in the “Complete Edition” that would add more to the story. These, in order of importance, are as follows:

  • Epilogue – The original 6 volume edition of Urotsukidōji ends with the single phrase “And Tokyo was utterly destroyed”. In the “Complete Edition” however, Maeda added an 8 page epilogue. The epilogue is set 50 years after the events of the main story and the Human world is almost entirely destroyed. Amanojaku has received he Beast King’s blessing to marry his daughter, Mimi. No sooner do they start making out, a huge army of Makai demons invade the Man-beast world and attack Amanojaku. Rising to the challenge, Amanojaku attempts to take them all on by himself. Word of the invasion reaches the Beast King but by the time he arrives on the scene, the Makai and Amanojaku are lying dead on the floor. Akemi meanwhile is still at the bottom of the ocean under the protection of Ma-oh.  The final page is a montage of all our heroes with the ominous message that the world continues to wait another 250 years for the birth of the Chōjin at Osaka Castle. There is also a handwritten message from Maeda saying “Thanks for reading until the very end!” followed by his signature.
  • Punk Chick Horii – In the original 6 volume edition, Amanojaku’s encounter with Miss Togami lasts one night as she goes down on him before riding him. In the “Complete Edition” however, there is a whole day of events that take place at school so Amanojaku and Miss Togami actually make out two nights in a row. During this “missing” day, the Punk chick from volume 3 of the original edition is actually introduced for the first time here. (She only makes a 2 page appearance in the original edition where she teases Akemi for no apparent reason). Her name is Horii and she’s a slut with a rock musician boyfriend. She gets caught sleeping in class and when the teacher starts shouting at her and demands she answers his question, Nagumo whispers her the answer. The teacher hears Nagumo though and sends them both to his office. They both get let off with a warning after Horii mentions that her friend in another class recently had sex with teacher, thus blackmailing him. By means of thanking Nagumo, she takes him behind the gym and shows him her pussy. Akemi walks by and catches them in the act. Nagumo visits Horii’s house in the evening in hope of convincing her to explain to Akemi that it was her fault for coming on to Nagumo. She agrees to confess provided Nagumo has sex with her. No sooner does he put his fingers in her vagina, he ejaculates in his pants. The next day, he tries to explain to Akemi what happened but Horii barges in and teases Akemi about being so frigid. Akemi runs away in tears. (The inclusion of this scene sheds light on why Horii randomly teases Akemi in the original edition). Elsewhere, we see the same Makai that is controlling Miss Togami, assault another random student. This entire series of events runs for 35 pages.
  • Knife wielding Grandma! – The morning after Nagumo’s neighbor complains to him about the noise his friends were making in his room, an old woman claiming to be a neighbor of his suddenly enters the classroom asking if Nagumo is present. Obviously mentally unstable and furious about the noise too, she pulls a kitchen knife on Nagumo in the classroom. The teacher yells for somebody to call the police whilst Amanojaku expresses concern for all the weird happenings surrounding Nagumo. This ordeal lasts for 5 pages.

Here’s the original Japanese covers (Click to enlarge):

img023 img024 img025 img026 img027 img028

And here’s the Japanese covers for the 4 volume “Complete Edition”:

うろつき童子完全版1 うろつき童子完全版2
うろつき童子完全版3 うろつき童子完全版4

These covers are for the Erotopia “special edition” newsstand release. These were a compressed version of the original 6 volume release so they were missing a fair few pages:

%e3%81%86%e3%82%8d%ef%bc%91 %e3%81%86%e3%82%8d%ef%bc%92
%e3%81%86%e3%82%8d%ef%bc%93 %e3%81%86%e3%82%8d%ef%bc%94

This is the Geibunsha edition that was almost exactly the same as the original 6 volume release. This edition was 4 bulky volumes and had a slightly different ending; instead of Tokyo being reduced to rubble, this edition had a 2 page epilogue of sorts explaining that Akemi is at the bottom of the ocean awaiting the birth of the Chōjin. Interestingly, this edition doesn’t include the scene where Amanojaku tosses a baby into a river:

uro1 uro2
uro3 uro4

The original English edition from Central Park Media. These were flipped and had the genitals redrawn by a different artist in order to “de-censor” the content:

maeda1 maeda2 maeda3 maeda4 maeda5 maeda6

And finally, the 2016 English re-release by FAKKU!. This edition is faithful in keeping the pages unflipped and genital-free like the original. The FAKKU! edition is also the first time the “Complete Edition” has been released outside of Japan:

Many thanks again to Jan Brem for providing me with the English CPM edition covers.


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