Uncollected Works

Okay so this is the section of the Lounge that is shrouded in mystery. Unlike the comprehensive “Works” page that lists all of Maeda’s manga that was collected and released in book format, this page is dedicated to the many one shots, and serializations that never again saw the light of day beyond the pages of the monthly or weekly magazines that originally printed them. Throughout my research, I’ve discovered many works that have either been completely forgotten (in some cases even by Maeda himself!) or they have little to zero information concerning them anywhere online. Given the difficulty of finding information concerning these works, this is the only part of the Lounge that will remain permanently “In progress” since every few months or so I discover a new one-shot or series that I’ve never even heard of before! With that in mind, it is my hope that this page becomes the definitive source of information concerning everything Toshio Maeda had published yet not collected.

Like the “Works” page, I will be taking a look at each one of these lost gems as and when I can hunt down copies of them. These entries will later be highlighted in blue once I have enough information on them to write an article. In the meantime, if any readers out there know of any rare, uncollected works that aren’t already listed below, PLEASE leave a comment and let me know! Thanks!

  • Dillinger (デリンジャー) (1974) (Bessatsu Play Comic – November issue) (One shot)
  • Sanfujinkai no Misshitsu (産婦人科医の密室) (1975) (Manga Giant) (No. of chapters unknown)
  • Teppōdama Kagyō (鉄砲玉稼業) (1975) (Gekiga Hustler – April issue) (Serialization or One shot unknown)
  • Kyōfu to Kaikan (恐怖と快感) (1976) (Manga Erotopia – February 19th issue) (Serialization or One shot unknown)
  • Kyōken Elegy (狂犬えれじい) (1976) (Young Comic) (Serialization or One shot unknown)
  • Donyoku Shōjo (貪欲少女) (1976) (Manga BON – February issue) (One shot)
  • Kurucchaine (狂っちゃいねえ) (1976) (Manga Look – April 21st issue) (One shot)
  • SEX Tearing (SEXテーリング) (1976) (Young Comic – September 17th issue) (One shot)
  • Akutoku Gakuen (悪徳学園) (1976) (Comic Magazine) (No. of chapters unknown)
  • Ashita e Kick-off (明日へキックオフ) (1977), Hit Comics, 1 volume. The first 10 chapters were collected in the book release but the remaining 50 chapters were never collected. (Serialized in Weekly Shonen King)
  • Mahjong Blues (魔雀ブルース) (1977) (Manga Dandy – August issue) (One shot)
  • Hatoba – The Harbor (波止場) (1978) (Special Young Comic – April 20th issue) (One shot)
  • Sanpunkan no Yoake (三分間の夜明け) (1978) (Top Comic) (Serialization or One shot unknown)
  • Indian no Kawa (インディアンの皮) (1978) (Top Comic) (Serialization or One shot unknown)
  • Satsujin Online (殺人オン・ライン) (1979) (Erotopia) (Direct sequel to Taxi Driver. 10 chapters total. Ran from May 3rd issue to September 20th issue)
  • Honban Salon (本番サロン) (1979) (Manga Shock & Shock – May issue) (One shot)
  • Monzetsu Lezu Match (悶絶レズマッチ) (1979) (Manga Shock & Shock – June issue) (One shot)
  • Hoshi no Nakigoe (星の哭き声) (1979) (Otoko no Gekijō Magazine) (Serialization or One shot unknown)
  • Ankoku no Gishiki (暗黒の儀式) (1980) (Manga Kick – April 17th/May 1st joint issue) (One shot)
  • Kangoku Rock (姦獄ロック) (1980) (Erotopia Deluxe – June issue) (One shot)
  • Tobidashi Knife (飛びだしナイフ) (1980) (Erotopia Deluxe – October issue) (One shot)
  • Hatsujō Onna Kyōshi (発情女教師) (1980) (Manga Gorakukan) (Serialization or One shot unknown)
  • Atsuko no Kinbaku Boogie (温子の緊縛ブギ) (1981) (Manga Bump) (Serialization or One shot unknown)
  • Junko no Sexy Kinbaku Night (順子のセクシー緊縛ナイト) (1981) (Manga Bump – February issue) (One shot)
  • Swap Game (スワップ麻雀) (1983) (Manga Sunday special issue: Gekiga Chōsen Mahjong – September issue) (One shot)
  • Bōkōma: Kuroi Tenshi (暴行魔:黒い天使) (1984) (Gekiga Deka Melon – March issue) (One shot)
  • Empire City Afternoon (1984) (Kindai Mahjong Magazine – May issue) (One shot)
  • Kikenna Seijukuki (危険な性塾期) (1984) (Adams – Motto Hageshiku – September issue) (One shot)
  • Wareketsu Kaikanchitai (割れ尻快感地帯) (1984) (Manga Excite) (Serialization or One shot unknown)
  • Inra Mandala (淫羅曼陀羅) (1985) (Gekiga Love Roman) (No. of chapters unknown)
  • Kattobiya! Ku no Ji (カッ跳び屋! くの字) (1986) (Erotopia Deluxe – February issue) (One shot)
  • Pink no Rouge (ピンクのルージュ) (1986) (Manga Cobra – October issue) (Serialization or One shot unknown)
  • Itazuramono・Hatsutaiken (いたずら渚・初体験) (Erotopia Deluxe – October issue) (One shot)
  • FANG (1986) (Boogey Man – December issue) (One shot)
  • Fukushūki (復讐鬼) (1990) (Weekly Manga Gold – September 18th issue) (One shot)
  • Kaiyō High School Psychic Club (怪陽高校サイキック・クラブ) (1994) (Comic Puchi Angel) (No. of chapters unknown)
  • Finger (1995) (Comic Puchi Angel) (No. of chapters unknown)
  • Kyokon Densetsu (巨根伝説) (1998) (Manga Pinktime) (No. of chapters unknown)
  • Ichigo Gakuen (いちご学園) (1998) (Young Kyun!) (Serialization. No. of chapters unknown)
  • Chōkyō Sōkan no Keana (調教相姦の毛穴) (1999) Hitozuma Jukujo Comic – September issue) (One Shot)
  • Sono Manma Teens (そのマンマティーンズ) (1999) (Manga Idol) (Serialization or One shot unknown)

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