Originally serialized in Manga Erotopia magazine, and later published as a 2 volume release by Wani Magazine Co.Ltd under their ”Action Camera Comics” line on March 1st 1993, Shin-Urotsukidōji (新・うろつき童子, English title: New Urotsukidōji) is a re-imagining of Maeda’s earlier masterpiece, Urotsukidōji.

Due to the immense popularity of Urotsukidōji, and also due to the lack of information in English concerning the plot of Shin-Urotsukidōji, I have decided to adopt the same approach with this title as I did the original, and write a full synopsis instead of just a basic outline like I usually do. So, grab a drink, here’s the full story…

The story starts during the Cretaceous period where we see 2 large balls of energy; one red, one blue, suddenly appear in the skies above Earth. The red ball of energy spontaneously explodes into a billion smaller devastating laser beams, instantly killing any and all dinosaurs or lifeforms they come in contact with. As if looking on in approval, the blue energy ball plunges into the depths of the ocean where it lays dormant at the bottom of the sea…

shin1Fast forward to present day Tokyo. We are introduced to a young high school student with wacky looking hair called Honoo Shishizawa. Honoo is the confident, quick witted leader of a group of delinquents at Minami Daisan High School. One afternoon whilst playing truant from school, Honoo and his gang are jumped by some rival high school students who accuse them of loitering on their turf. Honoo is quick to respond by breaking the rival leader’s nose. When the gang’s back-up suddenly appears, Honoo and his girlfriend, Misuzu Kanzaki, flee the scene with the rest of their gang. Finally alone with Misuzu, the couple begin to play around in a secluded area by the docks. Suddenly, the blue ball of energy laying dormant at the bottom of the ocean since the extinction of the dinosaurs, emerges from the sea and sends a bright blue bolt of lightning at Honoo. Shocked from his sudden electrocution, Honoo lays unconscious on the floor as Misuzu frantically tries to revive him. Honoo regains consciousness several moments later but appears to not recognize Misuzu at all as he starts muttering jargon about DNA and memory loss. Honoo is clearly possessed by the blue energy ball but Misuzu just dismisses his sudden personality change as nothing more than shock from his freak accident.

The next day at school, Honoo appears to be a completely different person as he is acting more pleasantly towards his classmates than usual. Aside from his personality change, Honoo also exhibits an incredible amount of scientific knowledge during lesson time much to the bemusement of his teacher and classmates alike. Suspecting something to be up with Honoo, Misuzu sneakily looks for him and spots him in the school library where he is absorbing volumes of information simply by flicking through the pages of the books. Misuzu is shocked to see him display such an extraordinary ability when she is suddenly confronted by a strange looking guy in an overcoat. The stranger quickly slaps some sticky tape on her mouth to prevent her from raising her voice before explaining to her who Honoo really is. He tells her that Honoo is in fact possessed by the spirit of his eternal enemy that sunk to the bottom of the ocean all those millennia ago. He goes on to back up his claim by revealing a ball of light concealed within his abdomen that resembles the exact same ball of energy that Misuzu sawshin2 attack Honoo the previous day at the docks. Unable to speak, Misuzu prays for Honoo to come save her. The stranger taunts Misuzu before transforming into a hideous looking beast. Still unable to shout out for help due to the tape on her mouth, the beast proceeds to rape her outside the school library. Honoo soon senses the beast’s presence and sees Misuzu in distress. Jumping through the window to face the beast, Honoo appears to look possessed as he squares up to the monster violating Misuzu. As the two confront each other for the first time since the Cretaceous period, Honoo declares that he will forever banish the beast, and the rest of his kind, into the darkness for all eternity. Launching himself at the beast, Misuzu is knocked free of her captors grasp as Honoo floats menacingly in the air. Honoo gloats that though the beast may be able to change its appearance through altering it’s DNA at will, Honoo actually has the power to control all of the Earth’s natural elements. Honoo immediately launches a hydro attack at the beast by utilizing the water from the school pool but the beast attempts to parry the attack by firing an ultra-hot beam into the water. The beast’s counterattack proves to be a foolhardy one though as the resulting pressure causes the pool to explode in his face like a hydrobomb. Honoo shrinks the beast’s dismembered head and places it in his pocket for later. Checking up on Misuzu to see if she’s okay, Honoo collapses on the floor out of exhaustion.

Several hours later Honoo wakes up in his bed at home surrounded by his parents and Misuzu. Relieved to see that Honoo is alive and well, his parents return to their jobs leaving Misuzu alone in the house to look after him. Honoo initiates sex with Misuzu the moment his parents leave. He apologizes to her for not remembering any of their history together, causing Misuzu to accuse him of making up wild stories in order to break up with her. Honoo tries to convince her he’s telling the truth by pulling the miniature beast head out of his pocket and tossing it onto the bedside table. To Misuzu’s horror, the head slowly begins to grow back to it’s original size. Regaining consciousness, the creature tells Honoo that he is merely one of the billion red laser beams scattered throughout the planet all those eons ago. Furthermore, the creature proclaims that whether Honoo chooses to destroy him or not, his fellow beings will combine in the near future to once again become a universal god. Honoo sneers at the creature’s revelation by simply saying he’ll blow them to smithereens again but the creature goes on to explain that his kind are from the far reaches of space and, when the time of their resurrection comes, it will spell certain doom for all humankind. He further explains that his kind is being closely watched not only by Honoo, but also by his friends in the Demon realm as well as by those in the Man-Beast realm too. According to the creature, the DNA of his kind merge into a single entity once every 3000 years; a being that the Demons and Man-Beasts refer to as the “Chōjin”. The creature goes on to explain to Honoo and Misuzu that the true Chōjin is none other than his species, an all-powerful universal god that will destroy the realms of the Humans, Demons, and Man-Beasts. Fed up with hearing the creature’s apocalyptic proclamations, Honoo crushes the head, killing it instantly. Misuzu is clearly worried by what she has just heard but Honoo ignores her concerns and makes love to her instead.

080Watching Honoo and Misuzu making out from above, two other alien lifeforms decide on looking for a person in Honoo’s social circle to possess in order to kill him since taking him head-on would be too dangerous. The next day at school, Honoo accidentally intrudes on a karate club activity whilst saying goodbye to Misuzu. The karate club captain is angered by Honoo’s carelessness and picks a fight with him. Honoo agrees to the fight and sends the club captain flying with a single punch to the ribs. Impressed by how cool Honoo looks, Misuzu invites Honoo to a diner to eat some fruit dessert. Just before setting off, a member of Honoo’s gang comes up and tell him that the rival gang that jumped them the other day are looking for him. By chance, the rival gang spot Honoo and Misuzu in the window of the diner so barge in to pay them both a visit. Honoo agrees to fight the leader outside once he and Misuzu have finished eating. As they find a nearby alley, Honoo taunts them by claiming he can use the elements to create energy balls. Naturally they don’t believe him so he sends an impossibly fast beam of energy at one of the gang members. Visibly wary of Honoo’s unusual powers, they watch him stand still as the skies above suddenly become dark before sending a lightning bolt crashing down on Honoo. The gang leader, clearly annoyed by Honoo’s cheap parlor tricks, launches an attack at Honoo but is promptly electrocuted for his efforts. Defeated, the gang carry their groggy leader away with their tails between their legs. Disappointed in Honoo, Misuzu tells him off for acting so mean to the rival gang. Honoo asks her to give him head but they are interrupted when the karate club captain walks in on them both. By means of apology, he invites Honoo and Misuzu to his father’s Chinese restaurant for a free meal. Honoo and Misuzu take him up on his offer and take a seat at a table. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the same two aliens from earlier praise the club captain for his good work in luring Honoo to the restaurant.

The aliens prepare a meal for shin4Honoo and Misuzu and get their underling, Pao-Lei, to bring the food to their table. Honoo eats the food without any trouble but as soon as Misuzu takes a bite, she keels over in shock. The aliens reveal themselves to Honoo before drawing his attention to Misuzu who is now writhing about on the floor in a state of sexual hunger. The plate of food that Misuzu and Honoo were eating from suddenly comes to life and reveals itself as a small repugnant looking creature. The creature tells Honoo that Misuzu is now in a trance-like state where she is getting repeatedly violated by an illusion in his image. To Misuzu, the whole ordeal is vividly real and she will continue to climax repeatedly until she dies. He then tells Honoo that the only way Misuzu can be freed from her trance is if Honoo transfers his own energy into her body and rescues her from her own subconscious. Though wary of the creature’s intentions, Honoo takes the risk regardless and teleports himself directly into Misuzu’s conscience, leaving his physical body laying crumpled and lifeless on the floor beside her. The two aliens gloat at their apparent success in separating the powerful spirit from Honoo’s body and prepare a hypodermic syringe filled with coniine, a paralyzing chemical extracted from poison hemlock, to inject Honoo’s body with should he reawaken too soon. Meanwhile, deep within the depths of Misuzu’s conscience, Honoo earnestly searches for the deadly aphrodisiac that Misuzu consumed. Before long, Honoo finds the creature apparition violating Misuzu. Honoo tries unleashing an attack on the repulsive looking beast but only succeeds in hitting Misuzu instead. The creature laughs and tells Honoo he’s wasting his time since he’s merely an illusion and that the only 2 “real” people in the situation are him and Misuzu. After a few moments Honoo suddenly suspects that he has been tricked from the start and that the food they both ate wasn’t a creature but merely a hallucinogen that caused Misuzu to act weird. He quickly realizes he’s been fooled into separating his spirit energy from Honoo’s human body and hurries back before the aliens attack his now vulnerable host body. Misuzu regains consciousness only to discover Honoo’s lifeless body on the floor next to her. Unfortunately for Honoo, the aliens have already injected his body with coniine, rendering him a human vegetable with his powerful spirit energy trapped inside. Planning on using Honoo’s vegetative state to their advantage, the aliens tell Misuzu that they will use their time wisely by resurrecting many more of their kind before returning to Honoo to extract his spirit energy – an act that would effectively kill him.

shin5The two aliens take Honoo’s lifeless body to a nearby hospital with the help of Pao-Lei who is disguised in a nurse uniform. Meanwhile, Honoo is trapped deep within his own subconscious where he confronts the mysterious energy force that’s taken over his body. Honoo demands answers from his intruder to which the energy force tells him they are a godlike race that have traveled from the distant reaches of space and time in pursuit of another godlike entity. They explain to Honoo that they have the power to control all of the Earth’s natural elements and, since they are hidden within Honoo’s body, he too has the ability to control the elements at will. Honoo is not impressed by his new found powers and demands the entity exits his body and lets him go back to being the simple human being he was before. Unbeknownst to Honoo, he is admitted to the infamous Shirei Hospital; a place that is rumored to be inhabited by evil spirits and one that patients rarely leave alive. Misuzu hears the rumors surrounding the hospital but refuses to leave Honoo’s side opting instead to spend the night with him. In the adjacent ward, a group of young male patients discuss the crazy stories they’ve heard about the hospital. One even claims to have seen a monster violate and consume a young female patient in the middle of  the night. The other patients listen to his far fetched story and simply laugh it off. Elsewhere, the two aliens entrust Honoo to Pao-Lei’s care and insist that she ensures Honoo doesn’t awake from his coma. Once they both leave, Pao-Lei approaches Honoo and straddles him thinking that if she can make him cum inside her, she too will inherit the same element controlling powers he has. No sooner does she start riding him when a creature from the demon realm appears through the wall opposite her. Completely ignoring Honoo, the demon makes a move for Pao-Lei and begins to rape her. Immediately after violating her, the demon swiftly devours her. Just as the demon is swallowing her body, a man-beast by the name of Amanojaku suddenly appears out of nowhere in the air above him. Amanojaku tells the demon he’s been searching for him high and low but the demon interjects by telling him that the girl he just ate wasn’t human at all but actually something closer to his own species. The demon then launches an attack at Amanojaku but the man-beast easily parries the blow. Just before Amanojaku destroys his would be assailant, the demon tries to tell him that the truth behind the “Chōjin” was contained within the conscience of the girl he just ate and that the Chōjin will actually destroy all three realms instead of uniting them. Amanojaku just shrugs off the demon’s wild claims and flies out of the nearest window where he’s greeted by his sister, Megumi. Soon after, Misuzu awakes from her nap and discovers that Honoo has regained consciousness. Honoo is of course glad to be awake but he tells Misuzu that he felt an incredibly strong non-human presence that was powerful enough to awaken him from his coma.

Several days later Honoo is backshin6 in school resuming his classes. He falls asleep during lesson which angers his teacher, Mr. Yamami. Despite being scolded, Honoo makes the situation worse by telling Yamami that if his classes weren’t so boring, he’d stay awake. Yamami threatens Honoo by waving his fist in his face but Honoo retaliates by grabbing the teachers fist and crushing it with his bare hands. The resulting injury is so severe that Yamami needs to be hospitalized. A few days later and Yamami’s replacement, a beautiful young woman by the name of Miss Kitagami, takes over classes. The teacher is an instant hit with the boys for obvious reasons but it seems she only has interest in Honoo. After class she invites Honoo to the infirmary for a “chat” but instead tries to seduce him. Honoo is barely interested but that doesn’t stop her from undressing herself and trying it on anyway. Out of nowhere, Yamami appears and photographs Honoo with the naked teacher; the whole scenario being an obvious attempt at blackmailing Honoo for breaking his hand. To Yamami’s dismay, Honoo appears to not give a shit at all and tells him to do what he likes with the photos. The next day, Yamami calls Honoo to the school roof for a talk. Yamami pulls the developed photographs out of his pocket to show that only a naked Kitagami and a mysterious blue ball of energy are visible. Realizing that Honoo is clearly not human, Yamami lunges forward to attack him but Honoo grabs him by the belt and gives him an extra push, sending the old man plummeting from the roof to his certain death. Misuzu witnesses the whole thing but, due to her viewpoint, is unsure if it was an accident or if Honoo actually pushed Yamami off the roof deliberately. The sound of Yamami’s body hitting the ground alerts Miss Kitagami who happens to be walking by. She goes to investigate the sound and sees Yamami laying in a bloody, crumpled heap on the floor. She immediately runs to the infirmary to get some assistance leaving Yamami alone to draw his final breaths. The two aliens are perched atop the roof and witness the entire altercation. Deciding that it would be a waste to allow so much hatred die needlessly, one of the aliens swoops down to speak with Yamami. There, Yamami begs the alien to kill Honoo on his behalf. Accepting Yamami’s final plea, the alien decapitates him and switches his own head with that of Yamami’s before leaping back up to the roof. The infirmary staff and Miss Kitagami hurry back to the scene to assist Yamami but are puzzled to see him standing there apparently uninjured. The staff scold Kitagami for wasting their time before heading back to the infirmary. Later that afternoon, Kitagami is playing volleyball alone with a student by the name of Fuyu Oishi, when Yamami saunters into the room with a menacing look on his face. He asks them for a threesome and despite their protests, he transforms into his alien form and rapes them both in order to gain control of them and use them to lure Honoo into a trap. A few hours later, Honoo and Misuzu can’t believe their eyes when they see Yamami walking around the school premises completely uninjured.

shin7Yamami continues to repeatedly rape both Kitagami and Oishi in order to bring them both completely under his control. Elsewhere, Honoo cheekily tries it on with Misuzu at her house whilst her parents are home. Misuzu half-jokingly declines his advances by hitting him on top of the head. Though the blow isn’t hard by any means, it’s enough to reawaken Honoo’s original conscience and silence the alien spirit within him. Honoo can only remember a ball of energy coming out of the sea and hitting him so he’s puzzled as to why he’s in Misuzu’s house and wearing different clothes. Misuzu tells him that he’s been possessed by a strange entity the past few weeks which explains why he’s so bewildered at what’s happening. The alien entity within Honoo begins to feel concerned that it won’t be able to regain control of his mind and body. The next day at school, Yamami is shocked to see that Honoo is no longer the genius in class he once was but has actually reverted back to being the troublemaker he always used to be. Realizing that Honoo is no longer possessed by the powerful alien spirit, Yamami asks him after class to go and see Kitagami in the gym for a little “treat”. Honoo falls for the obvious trap and heads to the gym immediately. When he arrives, he sees Kitagami and and Oishi having sex with each other. Kitagami invites Honoo to join in and fuck her to which he readily agrees. Before Honoo can even lay a finger on her though, she suddenly transforms into a hideous looking beast. Honoo tries running away but is stopped by Yamami who explains to him that he and Kitagami are both alien lifeforms from another planet whose genes combine once every 3000 years. He goes on to explain that since Kitagami was ovulating at the time of him raping her, she is now carrying his alien seed too. He further goes on to boast that his kind have been evolving on Earth for the past 90 million years and that, as fate would have it, the once in 3000 year opportunity to unite his kind is due to happen in exactly 5 minutes time. Honoo doesn’t believe a word that Yamami says but sure enough, after a few minutes, the skies begin to darken and Honoo sees lots of tiny balls of light arising from all over to form a mysterious formation in the sky. Yamami cackles in delight as he proclaims the coming of the “Chōjin”… (End of volume 1)

Mass panic ensues throughoutshin8 the country as people suddenly turn into horrific looking beasts before firing bright balls of light from their mouths up into the sky. The balls of energy begin to form a huge shape in the now pitch black sky but the formation fails to complete due to the all important head forming gene not reawakening in time to join its brethren. Unable to complete formation, the genes immediately disperse and return back to their host bodies. Kitagami too reverts back to her human form and nonchalantly asks Honoo if he wants to fuck her as if nothing has happened. Later that evening, news of the mysterious events that took place during the afternoon are all over national TV. Misuzu drops by Honoo’s place to pay him a visit and the two of them go up to Honoo’s bedroom for a chat. In a fit of jealousy, Misuzu accuses Honoo of getting up to no good with Miss Kitagami but he tells her that nothing happened and skirts the subject entirely by getting it on with her. Right when the two are in the middle of foreplay, Amanojaku suddenly flies in through the window. Not knowing who he is, Honoo assumes he’s from a rival school gang and starts throwing punches but the man-beast easily blocks each of the blows as if they’re nothing. Amanojaku questions Honoo about the events that happened in Tokyo earlier in the day and accuses him of knowing something about it. He mentions the word “Chōjin” and Honoo immediately interjects by saying that he heard somebody else say that word earlier. Amanojaku presses him for an answer and Honoo tells him that he witnessed a strange crocodile-looking creature as well as his teacher transform into a hideous looking beast. Amanojaku mistakenly assumes that the creature Honoo saw was just another denizen of the demon realm. As the two talk, Amanojaku quickly realizes that Honoo is in fact possessed by a powerful spirit which is neither demon nor man-beast in origin. Amanojaku addresses the entity directly and forces it to show itself by hitting Honoo with an energy blast. The blast immediately awakens the entity within Honoo and Amanojaku demands an explanation regarding its origin. The entity thanks Amanojaku for reawakening him and tells him that he is a lifeform from another galaxy that first settled on Earth some 90 million years ago after pursuing another powerful lifeform that many refer to as the “Chōjin”. The entity informs Amanojaku that the lifeform is not the Chōjin he’s lead to believe that will reunite the three realms, but rather a terrifying evil gene that wishes to destroy all life. Furious at the entities revelation, Amanojaku accuses him of lying and fires another energy blast at Honoo but this time he is able to protect himself with an energy barrier. Amanojaku challenges Honoo to a fight, breaks through the roof, and flies out into the night sky. Honoo accepts his challenge and flies out into the night sky after him. Amanojaku taunts Honoo by demanding he shows him what he can do so Honoo replies in kind by forcing a nearby volcano to explode and send magma flying straight at him. Seconds before the magma hits him, Amanojaku is able to put up a barrier force field around himself but it’s not strong enough to keep the molten magma at bay for long. He calls out for help and his sister Megumi arrives on the scene with his underling, a small black skinned creature called Kuroko. Megumi, taken by Honoo’s handsome looks, tries seducing him before getting into a pointless squabble with Kuroko. Their antics quickly bore Honoo and he loses all will to fight. He disperses the magma surrounding Amanojaku before returning back to his bedroom where a dumbfounded Misuzu is waiting for him.

Honoo and Misuzu leave the house and go for a walk together in a nearby park. Misuzu tells him that she wants the “real” Honoo back in control of his body. The entity is reluctant to hand power back to his host but soon agrees when Misuzu reminds him that she can use force and hit him on the head at anytime in order to silence the alien spirit. The entity transfers control back to Honoo and once again he’s utterly confused as to why he’s suddenly outside and asks where the punk who interrupted them went. Misuzu then explains the entire situation to him starting from the events that took place at the docks. Honoo takes the news surprisingly well and is rather happy knowing that he now has special powers. Honoo’s enthusiasm is short lived though as the entity speaks to him directly for the first time, reminding him that his top priority is to find the host of the core gene that didn’t awaken in time for the Chōjin formation. The entity tells Honoo that though regular humans cannot see it, carriers of the alien genes have a special glow to them which should greatly help him track down the host he’s looking for. Puzzled as to what he should do upon finding the host, the entity tells him that he needs to destroy it by blasting it with a powerful energy beam which he can execute by bringing his palms together. Honoo immediately tests this theory out and shoots a powerful energy blast at a nearby tree demolishing it completely. Blown away by his own powers, Honoo skips around in glee proclaiming himself to be a superhero…

shin9The following day, Honoo is relaxing in the school playing field during recess when a ball suddenly hits his friend straight in the face. A young girl by the name of Minako Shima comes over to retrieve her ball when Honoo looks up her skirt and makes a pass at her. He embarrasses her and causes her to storm off in a temper. Honoo’s friend tells him that taunting Minako like that is tantamount to suicide since she is dating the rival school karate club captain, Tatsuhiko Goki, a brute of a man who allegedly hospitalized a student just for talking to her on her way home one day. Thanks to his new found confidence in his special powers, Honoo laughs off the suggestion that anybody could do the same thing to him. Later that day, Honoo pays a sneak visit to the rival school dojo to see if the rumors about Goki are true. Peeking through the window he sees Minako give Goki head before his training starts and realizes the rumors are true that he indeed is a huge guy with fearsome fighting capabilities. As soon as Goki enters the dojo to train, Honoo sneaks into the changing room to talk to Minako. There she seduces Honoo by stripping down and flashing herself at him before screaming out for help. Goki and his students dash back into the changing room and catch Honoo leaning over the naked Minako. Goki is furious but Honoo, believing himself to be a superhuman now, acts tough by insulting the karate captain in front of everyone. Goki wastes no time and slugs Honoo right in the eye, sending him flying. Honoo begs the alien spirit within him to come to his defense but it declines since it doesn’t want to reveal its powers to such a large group of people. Realizing that he is on his own, Honoo does the only thing he can do. Run away.   Later that evening we see Goki at home with another girl. Just as they start getting down to business, he hears a girl’s scream coming from outside. Goki rushes outside to see what the commotion is and comes face to face to with a tentacled monster raping a girl in the street. Upon seeing Goki, the monster transforms into a human shape and stands before him with a menacing expression on his face. Not one to back down, Goki throws a punch at him but comes off very badly indeed. News of what happened to Goki spreads around school the following day. Many people can’t believe their ears, least of all Minako who picks a fight with the girl who was with Goki the previous night. On the way home from school, Honoo approaches Minako and teases her about what happened to Goki. Honoo is suddenly interrupted however by Amanojaku’s younger sister Megumi who appears to have been waiting by the schoolshin10 gates. Naturally, Honoo has no recollection of their first encounter so has no idea who she is or why she is waiting for him. Megumi immediately goes on the offensive and says that if he’s not human, he should be able to withstand her attack. Megumi unleashes a powerful energy blast on Honoo which knocks him unconscious immediately. In a moment of crazy timing, Megumi’s pet, a long eared raccoon-looking beast by the name of Knuckle, drops by from out of nowhere. The alien entity within Honoo speaks to her directly as he curses the fragility of human bodies. Listening to the entity bemoan his host body, Megumi asks the spirit to transfer itself from Honoo to her pet, Knuckle. The lifeform obliges and immediately leaves Honoo’s body and enters that of Knuckle’s but is disappointed at how empty headed his new host body is. Honoo groggily regains consciousness to see Megumi talking to a peculiar looking animal when they suddenly hear Minako’s screams coming from a nearby alley. The three of them go to investigate and find the same tentacled monster from the night before raping Minako. Knuckle points out that it’s not a demon but instead one of the alien genes that is molesting Minako. The monster makes a lunge for Honoo but Megumi blasts it away with a single beam attack causing the beast to revert back to it’s original human form. Megumi doesn’t know what to make of the strange lifeform she’s just encountered so Knuckle fills her in on what they are and tells her about their failed attempt to resurrect the Chōjin. He tells Megumi that finding the final gene host that is yet to awaken is of the utmost importance and that their time for action is diminishing rapidly.

shin11The story then focuses on a young 16 year old high school student by the name of Hiroko Hayakawa. Unlike her slutty classmates, Hiroko is a sweet young girl who knows next to nothing about boys. Unfortunately for Hiroko however, she has been feeling under the weather for more than a month with feelings of sickness and is more than anxious about her period not coming too. To make matters worse, she has also developed a nasty rash around her genitals but is too embarrassed to see her doctor and get it checked out. One night, Yamami and his crocodile-looking alien comrade lurk outside Hiroko’s bedroom window believing her to be the host of the final Chōjin gene needed to awaken. All they can do is wait so they both agree to watch over her and hope that the gene awakens before Honoo finds her. Hiroko soon falls asleep and has a prophetic dream where she is suddenly in a prehistoric world surrounded by dinosaurs. She sees a large ball of energy and hears a voice telling her to wake up to her true cause. The voice explains to Hiroko how they’ve evolved on Earth over the past 90 million years and that the core gene needed to bring the Chōjin to life lies dormant within her so she must awaken immediately. Hiroko is terrified by the vision she sees in her dream and wakes up in a cold sweat  to discover a single leaf on her duvet. The rash around her genitals has spread even further too. The following day, Honoo is chilling in a park chatting to Knuckle when Minako joins him (apparently Knuckle isn’t visible to her). Minako is feeling horny as usual and takes off her panties in broad daylight and asks Honoo to finger her which, of course, Honoo obliges in doing. In a case of terrible timing, Misuzu walks in on the two and catches Honoo with his fingers up Minako’s pussy. Unable to defend to his actions, Misuzu is both angry and heartbroken and storms off in what seems to be the final straw of their relationship. Honoo seems unperturbed and continues playing around with Minako. Elsewhere, Hiroko is walking back from school when she encounters a flasher. The man is standing there with his erect penis on show and advances towards Hiroko telling her he’s gonna show her a good time. Hiroko closes her eyes out of fear and screams out for help. When she opens her eyes, she finds her hands full of intestines and the man skewered on a building spike several stories up. Hiroko is horrified by what she sees and runs off screaming that she didn’t do anything. Flustered and downright spooked at what she’s just witnessed, Hiroko gets on the train home. On the train, an older woman points outshin12 to Hiroko that she has menstrual blood running down her leg. This proves all too much for Hiroko to take and she begins to glow with silent rage as her grip on the steel handlebar literally bends it like putty. At that exact moment, the train carrying Hiroko speeds past Honoo and Knuckle. Knuckle immediately senses the glow coming from Hiroko and sends a powerful blast at the speeding train causing it to derail and crash. The train crash kills everyone onboard except Hiroko who emerges from the bloody wreckage without even a scratch. By the time Honoo and Knuckle arrive on the scene, Hiroko has disappeared without a trace.

shin13The next day at school, Hiroko receives a love letter from a secret admirer. Though her classmates see her receive it and tease her about it, deep down she feels flattered. Outside the classroom, Honoo and Misuzu are having a heated debate in the corridor. The argument comes to end when Yamami walks in on them and casually calls Honoo a playboy. Unable to put up with any more of Honoo’s shenanigans, Misuzu breaks up with him and storms off. Honoo calls after her but is immediately sidetracked by Yamami who asks him if he’s found the Chōjin’s final gene yet. Honoo can’t believe his ears and asks Yamami how he knows about the Chōjin, to which the teacher answers by reverting back to his true alien form. The alien brags that despite failing last time, they will definitely succeed in resurrecting the Chōjin and heads back to class with a broad smile on his face. Knuckle watches the interaction from afar and can instantly tell from Yamami’s confident attitude that they have already located the final gene. Later that day, Hiroko is visited at home by Masashi, the boy who handed her the love letter. He tells her how much he likes her but soon lets his physical desires get the best of him and within minutes he’s making a move on Hiroko. She lets him suck her nipples but when he notices the rash around her genitals, he immediately backs off and starts yelling at her and accusing her of being a slut who is riddled with STD’s. Being her first sexual encounter with a man, this all proves too much abuse for her to take and she screams out in protest. Much like the flasher from the previous day, Hiroko opens her eyes to see Masashi dismembered in a bloody heap in the corner of her room. Hiroko’s mother comes into the room to see what the commotion is but Hiroko is now out of control and blows her mother away too. With a huge explosion that destroys the Hayakawa’s house, Hiroko transforms into the core Chōjin gene and flies up into the night sky. In response to the gene’s call, people all over the city once again transform into hideous beasts before sending there genes into the sky to unite with the core. Yamami looks up with a triumphant smile and, together with his brethren, joins the ever expanding formation in the sky. Honoo and Knuckle look on in horror as the prophecy of the Chōjin now looks almost certain to be fulfilled. All of a sudden, a laser beam shoots down and pierces Knuckle through the chest, killing him instantly. The alien spirit within him immediately leaves Knuckle’s dead body and enters Honoo in a last ditch attempt to stop the Chōjin once and for all. Honoo immediately flies up into the sky to confront the evil spirit head on. The Chōjin sneers at Honoo and tells him that he won’t be so easily defeated like last time and that he will finally destroy all three realms in order to create a new cycle of life in shin14the distant future. Honoo refuses to back down and calls forth the immense power of the wind, sea, and volcanoes to aid him in attacking the Chōjin. Giant tsunami’s, powerful hurricanes, and magma all rain down upon Tokyo as the citizens experience a disaster of near cataclysmic proportions. Amanojaku and Megumi watch from a distance and see Honoo push the Chōjin far beyond the earth’s stratosphere and back into the depths of space before disappearing from sight all together. The story ends with Misuzu watching from afar as she forgives Honoo for cheating on her and prays that he comes back to Earth safely. (End)

Though a re-imagining, the reader will be pleased to once again meet fan favorite characters such as Amanojaku, Megumi, and Kuroko again – albeit it in a slightly different narrative. Shin-Urotsukidōji, for me personally, is an interesting read and a lot of fun to get into. The story line is solid and the characters are well fleshed out but I feel the one major flaw in the manga is the abrupt end. We don’t really find out what becomes of Honoo or the Chōjin since they seem to just drift off into space. A conclusion with a little more finality would have made this story really solid I feel. Shin-Urotsukidōji’s popularity is a little hard to gauge too due to that fact that it was still available in bookstores until fairly recently, yet finding used copies online seems to be quite difficult. It’s currently out of print and despite the popularity of the franchise, this title is still yet to see an official English translation. As such, fans wishing to check this title out will have to go down the usual route of looking online for used copies. If you do see copies online, I recommend picking them up since, conclusion issues aside, this is great addition to any Tentacle library. Happy hunting!

Here’s the original Japanese covers (Click to enlarge):