Urotsukidōji lands on Vinyl!!

Holy cow! Urotsukidōji is getting a lot of love this month it would seem!

With the recent re-release of the manga being made available in North America courtesy of Fakku.net it didn’t seem like Overfiend fans would have much more to get excited about but the awesome team over at Tiger Lab Vinyl have just made everyone’s jaws hit the floor for the second time this month with their announcement that they are gonna be releasing the original soundtrack to the first OAV as a stunning twin LP gatefold release early next year!!  The release comes in two colors, “Overfiend Pink” and the limited edition “Tentacle Burst” variation. The Tentacle Burst variant is already selling like hotcakes so ACT QUICK to avoid disappointment! Needless to say, I will be giving this incredible release a full write-up the moment it’s in my mitts so stay tuned!!

Until then, GO VISIT http://tigerlabvinyl.bigcartel.com/ NOW and grab your copy before it’s too late and while you’re at it, give the boys at Tiger Lab Vinyl a follow on their official twitter and also be sure to give them a like on their facebook page too! Go go go!!


Adventure Kid hacks the Lounge!

Well it’s been a long 5 months since I last posted due to a very hectic work schedule but here we are again and this time I take a look at the 1988 erotic science-fiction manga “Adventure Kid”! Please be sure to give it a read and feel free to leave a comment! Regular service shall now resume so see you all again in a couple of weeks when I make another addition to the lounge. (It’s another old title in case your wondering!) Until then!


Meet the Taxi Driver!

Well hello again fellow tentacle lovers!

This month, I’ve decided to dig out the 1981 classic “Jigoku no Senki” and give it a go over in the usual way. The artwork alone in these books make it worthy addition to any Maeda enthusiast so please check out the write up here and track down a set before they all disappear into obscurity forever! Till next time!


Welcome to Gedō Gakuen!

Greetings fellow tentacle freaks!

This month we look at the 1988 supernatural erotic thriller Gedō Gakuen! Some of you dedicated Maeda fans might recognize this work but know it by its U.S anime title “Nightmare Campus” instead though! Since the original manga was never licensed or released overseas, I decided to give you all a full plot summary of this forgotten gem right here so please be sure to check it out! Many thanks and see you all again in a few weeks!


Shin-Urotsukidōji hits the lounge!

Well, well it’s been a busy few months for me personally but I found some time in my hectic schedule to tackle the well-known, yet largely ignored, manga known as Shin-Urotsukidōji. It’s a re-imagining of Maeda-Sensei’s hugely popular Urotsukidōji so, if you’re a fan of that title, be sure to check out my full write up on this title right here

Thanks for stopping by and see you again real soon with another classic!


It all started here…

Hello Tentacle freaks!

Today is an auspicious day for fans of Toshio Maeda worldwide since it marks the 40th anniversary of the first ever book he had published. February 1st 1976 saw his serialized works collected and released into one volume known as “Kamakiri Shojo”. This book, 40 years old today, has almost a legendary status attached to it which is why I have chosen this day of all to read and share with you in detail what is contained within the pages of this now impossible to find piece of manga history. It all started here folks. Please enjoy.


Eden no Kaze is here!

Happy new year fellow tentacle fans!

Kicking off 2016 with a bang, I decided to read and review the 1990 short manga, Eden no Kaze! It’s a pretty fun read made all the cooler for me personally as it’s set in my hometown of Yokohama! Read about the manga here and see you again in a couple of weeks!