Muchū Child

Originally serialized in Manga Young Vitamin in 1988, Muchū Child (Japanese title: 夢宙チャイルド) was a 10 chapter erotic Sci-Fi story collected and published as a single volume release by Tatsumi Comics on October 15th of the same year, just a mere month after the serialization had ended.

The story opens with an alien lifeform from another dimension accidentally slipping through an inter-dimensional rift that only presents itself every several hundred years when a specific solar eclipse occurs. The alien, who was having fun playing with his friends, suddenly falls through the rift and finds himself on planet earth. Naturally, he is baffled as to what happened and, as to be expected, the humans who spot him are equally shocked and disturbed. Sensing that his presence is causing alarm for the local inhabitants, the alien quickly decides to shape-shift into a form that closely resembles a human child since he too is a minor in his own realm. Within just a few minutes of assuming a human form, the alien flies past a house and spots a young couple making out. Intrigued by what he sees, he takes a closer look and is surprised to discover that his new form feels aroused upon witnessing the couple have sex. The girl in the house is Eri Nakagawa and she is making out with her boyfriend, Hiroshi. After Hiroshi climaxes, he cleans himself down and bids farewell leaving Eri feeling deeply unsatisfied since she was unable to climax as well. Eri angrily tells Hiroshi to leave and never come back when she spots the alien in her bedroom gawping at her. Sensing that he’s interested in more than just looking, she invites him to come up on the bed and finish what Hiroshi couldn’t. The alien immediately obliges and proceeds to suck her nipples. She can’t help but notice that due to his size, her strange new guest must be a child yet, when she pulls down his pants, she is confronted by an adult sized penis. It is exactly at this time that Eri’s younger sister, Hiromi, arrives home from high-school and walks in on the pair.

The Alien explains to both of them that he was playing with his friends when he suddenly appeared in this realm and that it was likely due to the solar eclipse that his tribe elder often warned him about. Eri doesn’t seem too interested in his explanation but is rather more intrigued by his overly large cock, to which he explains that when he transformed he spotted an adult and noticed the difference in sizes so just figured it would be more useful to have a larger one. A little while later, the alien and Hiromi take a stroll in the park and she explains to him that her parents are working away from the city and that it’s just her and Eri living at the house so he can stay with them until he figures out a way to return to his own world. The subject quickly turns to sex and using his x-ray vision, he can see that Hiromi is wet from spotting a random couple in the park making out. He also notices that she is yet to develop any pubic hair at all for which he teases her. He asks if he can touch her and when she declines he blackmails her by saying that he will tell the entire neighborhood that she is still bald downstairs. Reluctantly, she lets him have a fondle and before long he’s going down on her. Realizing that she is letting a complete stranger pleasure her in the park, Hiromi asks the alien his name to which reveals that it’s “Muma”. The two don’t get much further in their antics though as they are suddenly visited by a strange group of aliens calling themselves the “state police”, a group of officers that are assigned the task of tracking down and destroying the illegal fugitive that is Muma.

The State police quickly hone in on Muma’s whereabouts and try to kill him by firing laser cannon beams at him from the sky above. Fortunately for Muma, his aggressors aren’t very good shots and he manages to escape with Hiromi in tow before one of their blasts hit their target. As if by magic, Muma teleports Hiromi and himself back to the safety of her bedroom before explaining that teleportation is only something that children of his kind can do. The following day, Hiromi is back at Tatsumi Academy and going about her day as usual when she is handed a love letter from a mystery student during class. She immediately rips the letter into pieces without even opening the envelope or reading its contents before loudly exclaiming to the entire class that she isn’t interested in boys and that they are all perverted losers anyway. Taking a seat she thinks to herself that she wants a relationship like everyone else but is too embarrassed
to do so because she is worried about anybody finding out that she is yet to develop pubic hair. Later in the day, Hiromi is confronted by her classmate, Fuji, upon leaving the art room. Though he’s in love with her, he’s angry that she ripped up his letter without even opening it and vows that he’ll show her how “perverted” boys can be by pulling down his slacks and attempting to molest her. Hiromi panics and calls out to Muma for help…

Muma hears Hiromi’s plea for help and comes just in time to stop Fuji from getting any further. Muma immediately uses his x-ray vision on Fuji and is intrigued by his uncircumcised penis. He comments on how strange it looks and Fuji goes on the defensive by bragging that it ain’t the appearance that matters but the size. Of course, this is the worst thing that he could’ve said as Muma suggests comparing sizes by puling his mammoth sized champ out of his slacks and immediately putting Fuji to shame. Feeling belittled, Fuji walks away and heads home. Elsewhere on Muma’s home planet, his friends are reporting to Muma’s older brother about his disappearance and that after a week of no contact with their dear friend, it dawns on all present that he must have accidentally teleported to Earth. Vowing to save Muma from his predicament, his older brother declares that he will find him and bring him home. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Fuji encounters a very suspicious looking group of men in trench coats and face-masks on his way home. The group stop Fuji and ask him if he’s seen a boy resembling Muma. Fuji immediately recognizes the boy in the photo but doesn’t say anything sparking a squabble between the disguised state police agents. During the bickering, Fuji spots a laser cannon in one of their bags left idly on the floor besides them and picks it up for a closer look. Before the agents have a chance to stop him, he accidentally fires the cannon and tears one of the aliens in half. Half-shocked at his discovery that the agents aren’t human, and half-stoked that he now has a powerful weapon at his disposal, Fuji runs off with the cannon and heads back to school so that he can get his own back on Muma for humiliating him. Making a grand entrance upon his return, Fuji shoots off a few blasts at the school damaging the various buildings. Muma and Hiromi soon appear upon hearing the commotion but before Fuji can shoot him, Muma teleports both himself and Hiromi to safety leaving Fuji alone at the school as the police come by and arrest him. Hiromi is once again teleported back to her house but this time it’s Eri’s room and she unwittingly interrupts her sister in the act with yet another guy. Muma on the other hand is teleported into the girl’s changing rooms at the school. Needless to say, he ends up fornicating with one of the girls in there but his good times are interrupted when his older brother suddenly appears outside the window looking in on him. Delighted to see his brother, Muma tells him to assume a human appearance before the two leave the school grounds and sit down for a chat. Muma’s brother explains that he learned how to cross realms after talking to the tribe elder and that he has brought with him a special device that can send simple text messages back to their home world. However, just before he can send a message back reporting that he has found Muma and that they’re both safe, the state police appear out of nowhere and shoot the wall behind them.

Immediately springing into action, Muma’s brother grasps the communication device in his hand and presses a button on its side turning it into a lightsaber. The agent ridicules him for having such a primitive weapon but he soon finds himself laughing on the opposite side of his face when Muma’s brother deftly parries the laser beam with a single stroke before lunging forward and almost decapitating his assailant. It is at this point that he reveals to the agent that he is in fact Kima, a fellow agent and comrade of his from way back during their training years. Appealing to his aggressors better nature, Kima persuades the agent to return home and report both he and Muma as “Missing” to which the agent reluctantly agrees, but not before warning them both that the next search party will be even more ruthless. Muma takes Kima back with him to Eri and Hiromi’s house and the sisters agree to allow Kima stay with them too. Due to Kima’s towering size, Eri is keen to know if his difference in stature compared to Muma goes as far as his genitalia and she is happily surprised to learn he too is very well hung. As to be expected, the two are soon at it with Muma and Hiromi also continuing where they left off.  A couple of days later, one of Hiromi’s classmates stacks her motorbike along the freeway and is suddenly confronted by a yet unseen cyclopic agent of the State police from Muma’s realm. The following day, we see the exact same school student having sex with one of her teachers in return for a copy of Hiromi’s personal information – address included. That evening, the student is riding her motorbike along the freeway when she encounters a biker gang that attempt to outrace her. Pulling over for a chat with the men, she quickly shows her true colors and savagely kills two of the bikers by throttling them and smashing their heads in. With this brutal act, we quickly learn that she in fact is the Cyclops agent in disguise and that he was just testing his strength in his new form against the poor unsuspecting biker gang.

Several hours later, the agent, still disguised as one of Hiromi’s classmates, pays Hiromi a visit and warns her of the consequences of her actions should she have sex with a creature from another world. She swears that she’s still a virgin but the agent goes on to threaten her and says that she smells of alien semen and the penalty for inter-species conception is death. Realizing that the girl before her can’t possibly be her classmate but something else in disguise, Hiromi attempts to question her guest but is stopped short in her tracks when the agent extends a large penis-like tongue which he uses to rape her. He tells her that now she has been penetrated by his tongue, she will forever be lustful towards him and always follow his commands. The pleasure felt from her encounter causes her to uncontrollably urinate on the floor. The pair suddenly hear Muma and Kima return home from work and cease their fornicating before the two of them notice what has just transpired. Hiromi waves goodbye to her “friend” as she sees herself out but Muma is more concerned by the puddle of piss on the floor. If that wasn’t strange enough, Kima notices that Hiromi is hurriedly mopping up the puddle with a pair of her own panties. Knowing that she would never be without a pair of underwear on, Kima immediately suspects that Hiromi has just been raped and quickly checks to make sure by taking a close look at her crotch. Noticing the telltale goo left behind from the visitor, Kima knows instantly that Hiromi has indeed been raped by a being from his own realm in order to control and manipulate her. The following day, Kima is back at work on the construction site when his brute strength attracts the attention of a Pro-wrestling manager by the name of Furuo Hirata who hands him his card and invites him to come and visit his gym. Kima wastes no time in impressing Hirata further when, upon visiting the gym, he picks up a huge bar of weights with a single hand whilst openly wondering why everyone else finds the weight so heavy. Later that evening, the wrestling promoters take Kima to the Korakuen Hall where he gets to witness his first ever wrestling match. The evening’s main event features the formidable Jumbo Shishimaru who is expected to continue his unbroken winning streak of 50 matches. In the crowd we see the same girl (or agent rather) that raped Hiromi. Realizing that Kima has likely been scouted and is pegged to fight Shishimaru, she pays the wrestling champion a visit in his changing room after the fight. Playing on his sensibilities, she seduces Shishimaru into having sex with her but right before he is able to initiate the act, the agent transforms and takes over the wrestler’s body. With the Agent now in a stronger body, he is set to take down Kima once and for all….

I shall refrain from spoiling the ending since Muchū Child is the type of manga that I feel really needs to be translated and released someday. It’s a fun manga and the chemistry between Muma and his older brother is quite a unique feature that adds a lot of charm to the story. As to be expected, the artwork is both dynamic and exciting throughout and there are plenty of instances where Maeda breaks the 3rd wall and jokes with the reader too. Speaking of gags, the book itself has a special 5 page collection of short comic strips depicting the kind of shenanigans and whatnot that take place at Studio Toshio. Most of these are self-degrading gags pointed at Maeda himself, or one of his assistants, and are fun addition to the book. Muchū Child, though sadly never being licensed overseas, did actually get a sequel two years later in 1990 by the name of Madō Senshi which was also published by Tatsumi Comics. The sequel follows Muma and Kima on their continuing escapades but in this story, Muma has become an adolescent and is no longer a child. Of course, that’s a story that will get it’s own entry here at the Tentacle Lounge so I shan’t reveal too much more but anybody who reads this title will naturally want to read that one too.

Like most of Maeda’s work, Muchū Child is no longer in print but, thanks to it being one of his more recent works, finding used copies online is not difficult at all so I heartily recommend tracking down a copy if you can. On top of its fun story and great artwork, the book is well designed and even has a few color pages at the beginning too! It’s definitely a worthy addition to any Maeda collection so be sure to pick up a copy if you see one on sale! Happy hunting!

Here’s the original Japanese cover (Click to enlarge):