Kikō Jinruiden BODY

Kikō Jinruiden BODY (Japanese title: 機甲人類伝BODY) is a 16 chapter erotic sci-fi manga that was serialized in manga Erotopia and later released as a 2 volume set by Wani Magazine Comics. The first volume was published on March 1st, 1991 with the second volume being released exactly one month later on April 1st.

Set in present day Tokyo, Kikō Jinruiden BODY is the story of Kōichi Ishizaka, a man who works as a gigolo for a small escort service called LOVE Cupid. Working with him at his company is the lovely Sachi Otsuka, who also happens to be the niece of the CEO, Shinobu Otsuka, and a middle-aged accountant by the name of Michiko Yoshino. Despite only being a 4 man team, the company is successful thanks to Kōichi’s charm whilst on the job. To the untrained eye, Kōichi is merely an average young man but, when in the sack, he makes the most of his unique hidden talent – think of a Japanese version of Reed Richards from “The Fantastic Four” and you’ll basically have Kōichi Ishizaka. His ability to stretch any part of his body at will is a surefire hit with the ladies but his talents don’t stop there; he can also totally change his facial appearance too which is a mighty useful ability that often helps him from being spotted by his other clients!

Needless to say, somebody with abilities like Kōichi’s is hardly gonna go through life without attracting some kind of attention and before long, his carefree life is brought to a halt when he finds himself suddenly targeted by a mysterious group of hoodlums one evening whilst walking home. Kōichi manages to use his body stretching abilities to narrowly avoid an oncoming crane attack but little does he know that his attack is being filmed by the group attacking him. The following day, at some laboratory elsewhere in the city, a group of scientists watch the footage of the previous night’s encounter and are gobsmacked to witness that Kōichi can stretch his body several meters at will. The head scientist (whose name is strangely never mentioned) deems that Kōichi likely holds the key to achieving their dream and immediately orders his group of henchman to place him under 24 hour surveillance. Later that evening, a group of undesirables from the lab converge on the rooftops near Kōichi’s apartment with a view to spy on him but their plans are foiled when Kōichi suddenly appears out of nowhere and confronts them. The burliest of the men, itching to take on Kōichi in a test of strength, suddenly transforms into a porcupine-like beast with hundreds of spikes protruding from his back. His show of machismo is not enough however as Kōichi effortlessly sends the mutant flying several blocks away causing his opponent to get embarrassingly stuck on a water tower. The remaining men, in fear for their lives, flee the scene and run off into the night.

Back at the lab, the head scientist reveals that they have important data from Kōichi’s childhood due to the fact that he once spent close to 4 years living in the laboratory. Kōichi himself has no recollection of his time there however since he had his memory wiped by a certain Professor Kandagawa who took a shine to him and looked after him like he was his own son. The head scientist makes it clear to his subordinates that he wants to bring in Kōichi, restore his memory, and reintroduce him to Kandagawa before the kind professor kicks the bucket in order to unlock his full potential. It is at this point that we discover that Professor Kandagawa is actually being held captive within the laboratory and is in poor shape…. Several days later, Sachi finds herself in a sticky situation when a lustful young man drops by the office to ask for some advice concerning an encounter he recently had with another woman. Agreeing to hear him out, Sachi accompanies the man for a walk which results in the two ending up in his apartment. As soon as they are behind closed doors, the guy pounces on Sachi and accosts her by sticking a marker pen up her butt. Naturally, she doesn’t take this too well and panics which causes a mini-earthquake that is confined to just the guy’s apartment. Totally freaked out by what’s just happened, the flustered pervert kicks Sachi out of his place and tells her he never wants to see her again.

Elsewhere, the head scientist reveals more about the history of the lab and the nature of his work. He explains that since 1980 there have been instances of people being born with unusual powers and that these individuals have been gathered from around the world and sent to his lab for monitoring purposes. Kōichi too, was one of these kids. The scientist further reveals that the laboratory exists to enhance the special abilities of the mutant-like beings, helping them to achieve their full potential whilst simultaneously creating a new super-human race. If that wasn’t enough, we also quickly discover that Kōichi’s colleague, Michiko the accountant, is also a shape-shifting mutant that is secretly working with the lab to leak information about Kōichi to them. Naturally, Kōichi has no idea about any of this and is going about his daily business of pleasuring women when he’s suddenly ambushed by the same porcupine mutant from the previous week. Bursting through the window into the bedroom, the mutant confronts Kōichi and mentions Professor Kandagawa but Kōichi doesn’t seem to recognize the name at all.

The porcupine mutant ultimately bites off more than he can chew however when, despite getting Kōichi pinned up against a wall using his extendable back spikes, the two are suddenly visited by an apparition of Sachi. The mutant, believing he has victory in the bag, makes the fatal move of trying to pin Sachi to the wall too. His plan completely backfires though when he realizes that Sachi is in her ethereal form, resulting in his spikes passing straight through her and piercing the wall behind. Using the timing to her advantage, Sachi sends a powerful electric current down through the spikes and electrocutes the mutant to death. With the porcupine in a crumpled heap on the floor, Sachi turns to Kōichi and tells him that the two are destined to fall in love and become an item before vanishing from sight. Elsewhere, the porcupine mutant’s dying plea for help awakens a powerful creature from within its cryochamber at the laboratory. A couple of days later, Sachi is concerned that Kōichi hasn’t been coming in to work when he usually never takes days off. The reason for his absence is soon revealed when we see him in bed at home in what seems like a dreamlike state where he is being seduced over and over again by three beautiful girls. Unfortunately for Kōichi, the creature that he inadvertently awakened at the laboratory is none other than the “Wiseman”, a powerful beast that can invade the minds of others and cause them to fall into a deep coma. The top scientist and his team are making the most of Kōichi’s predicament by monitoring his pulse and vital statistics from afar. In a further plot twist, we learn that the scientist has also set up a trap allowing Professor Kandagawa to escape his shackles at the lab and venture out into society alone.

Sachi is suddenly brought up to speed regarding Kōichi’s situation when an image of what he’s going through is unexpectedly transmitted to her television at home. Panicked by what she sees, she manages to enter his dream and attempts to save him from his enslavement. Fortunately for Kōichi, Sachi isn’t alone in trying to help him as we are introduced to a pair of comical looking mutants known simply as “Lady” and “Gentleman”. With the help of these two, Sachi is able to bring Kōichi out of his coma but she is immediately caught on camera by the group of scientists that are monitoring from the lab. Putting herself clearly in the picture whilst unwittingly revealing her powers, Sachi also becomes a target for the lab as they immediately send out a group of mutants to kidnap her and bring her back to the facility. At around the same time, we see Professor Kandagawa menacingly wandering the streets outside whilst brandishing a large kitchen knife. Deep in thought, he recalls that among all the test subjects he worked with, Kōichi was by far the most gifted. He further laments how the lab pushes the subjects out into the real world before they can learn how to control their powers and prevent themselves from evolving into the hideous beasts that the laboratory wishes to harness as biological weapons. Wishing to spare Kōichi the pain of having to endure such hardship, Kandagawa vows to find him and kill him before he’s consumed by his own powers. Sachi is swiftly abducted and brought back to the laboratory where she is held captive inside a capsule and sexually accosted by her accountant colleague, Michiko, in order to awaken her latent powers. Back at Kōichi’s apartment, Lady and Gentleman explain to him that the lab exists solely to test on people with special powers and to create more powerful beings that can be used as weapons. Out of nowhere, Kandagawa suddenly appears wielding a knife and stabs Kōichi in the stomach. Through tears he laments that he didn’t raise a monster and that Kōichi was supposed to help further medical science and help humans – not be developed as a weapon of warfare. Being stabbed in the gut spurs Kōichi’s life to flash before his eyes bringing forth distant memories of Kandagawa playing with him during his childhood. Kandagawa begs Kōichi for forgiveness as he attempts to kill him. It is at this moment that Kimura, the bald laboratory scientist, waltzes in to discover that Kandagawa has already made contact with Kōichi. Incensed, Kandagawa suddenly turns on Kimura, blaming him for all the sorrow he’s caused. Dashing towards Kimura with his knife in hand, Kimura accidently shoots Kandagawa in the neck out of panic. Kandagawa’s dying breath is spent telling Kōichi that he wanted to fight the lab alongside him. Enraged by Kandagawa’s death, Kōichi crushes Kimura’s skull with a single hand to close out the volume…

Kikō Jinruiden BODY is a short, well contained story that should please fans of both sci-fi and tentacle erotica since it has a satisfactory amount of both. My only gripe would be that the ending feels a little too sudden but, aside from that, it’s a fun read that will entertain any Toshio Maeda fans looking for a quick fix. There are some really great pages of artwork peppered throughout the story too which is cool. Like most of Maeda’s work, this title is out of print but finding used copies online is very easy so, if you come across a set, pick ’em up and give ’em a whirl!

Here’s the original Japanese covers (click to enlarge):