Jigoku no Kiss

Published by Sun press under their Joyjigoku1 comics name, Jigoku no Kiss (地獄のキッス, English title: Hell’s Kiss) is a 7 chapter mini-series that was collected into one tankobon volume and released on September 3rd 1983. The series storyline was written by Koichi Saito and illustrated by Toshio Maeda in what was to become their second consecutive collaboration after the tankobon release of “Akudama Suikoden” a mere 2 months earlier.

Though episodic in format, the story is centered around a hard-boiled cop by the name of Leo Yūzō who comes home early from work one day to discover his wife in bed with another man. Outraged by what he sees, he allows the man the chance to live but only via a game of Russian roulette. Unfortunately for the guy, his luck goes from bad to worse when the only round in the gun ends up in his head. Leo immediately cuffs himself to the bed and calls the police to come and arrest him.
Fast forward 4 years, and Leo is released from prison where he is greeted by his former police supervisor, Zenhachiro Otsuka. Otsuka tells Leo that he too has left the force and has started up his own private investigation company and that he wants Leo to join him. With little idea of what do with his newly found freedom, Leo agrees to join Otsuka’s company and starts work the very same day.

jigoku3Leo’s first case is to track down and observe the behavior of a suspicious schoolgirl who frequently comes home from school very late at night. Upon finding her, Leo discovers that the girl is actually eliciting sex with strangers on the trains during rush hour. One of the men she seduces takes her to a nearby love hotel but she suddenly dies during the act due to sudden heart failure. Flustered, the man that was accompanying her tries fleeing the scene but Leo stops him and blackmails the poor guy into paying him a large sum of cash to keep quiet and not tell the police.
The following day, Leo goes to the man’s house to pick up his payment but further blackmails the man’s wife into having sex with him in front of her husband. With little choice but to agree to Leo’s demands the chapter ends with Leo screwing the poor man’s wife in front him while the husband looks on in demoralized disbelief.

….Thus sets the tone for the remaining self-contained chapters of Jigoku no Kiss.

As the reader quickly learns, Leojigoku5 Yūzō is not a very nice guy at all. Though at first he often appears to be helpful, it’s usually only a matter of a few pages before he is blackmailing somebody into having sex with him or extorting them for large amounts of money. Though each chapter is a stand alone story, the 3 main characters of Leo, Otsuka, and his female colleague, Rui, remain at the core of each case. Being the highly sexed person that he is, Leo spends much of his time under the guise of work to get it on with his partner, Rui. Though at first she seems apprehensive, after the first couple of chapters she appears to have a fondness for Leo and quite often submits to his advances.

Jigoku no Kiss is a fun collection of 7 short but enjoyable stories. You’ll be amazed at how low Leo is willing to go in order to get his rocks off – family members aren’t even off limits! Due to it’s relatively short length, the Jigoku no Kiss tankobon comes with 3 bonus one-shots that are totally unrelated to the main story. These are called  “Matenai Chigi (待てない痴戯, Eng.title: Can’t wait to play.)”, “Itaburi Seijo (いたぶり聖女, Eng.title: The goddess of tease.)”, and “Ryojoku Baibu (凌辱バイブ, Eng.title: The dildo rapist) respectively.

jigoku6The first of the 3, Matenai Chigi, is a short story about a young lady that sleeps with her teacher to get good grades before starting work at a leading company. She vows to put her promiscuous lifestyle behind her and commits to becoming a hardworking career girl. During her company’s new recruit induction trip to a hot spring, she notices a couple making out in the bath. Unable to fight her urges, she begins to spy on the couple and masturbates privately from the other side of the bath house. Her boss sees her spying on the couple whilst pleasuring herself and tries to sneak up on her but he slips and gives himself away. He realizes that she is one of his subordinates and scolds her. Out of embarrassment, the girl quits the company and decides to pursue a career in entertaining men at the bathhouse instead.
The second story, Itaburi Seijo, is an amusing tale of an overly sexed lady who runs an american comic store. She often seduces her customers when they come into her store but, when she makes fun of one of the teenage boys for ejaculating too soon, he devises a plan to get his mentally unstable brother to rape her. Dressed as Spiderman, the older brother hilariously takes up her a building using ropes before showing her he can fly by jumping off with her. The final page is a single panel of the two plummeting to certain death. Itaburi Seijo is an interesting one-shot with loads of pictures of Batman and Spiderman. Maeda even pays homage to one his heroes, Neal Adams, by having a signed poster of Batman in one of the panels!
The final story, Ryojoku Baibu, is a simple story of a guy that’s into bondage and coerces girls to come to his home by dropping S&M magazines on the floor and taking advantage of them when they come to return them. His weapon of choice is a dildo which he uses to violate his victims.

Like much of Maeda’s work, Jigoku no Kiss is long out of print but copies can still be found on places like Amazon marketplace Japan as well as the ever reliable Yahoo! Auction. If you ever see a copy floating around, I heartily recommend picking it up! Happy hunting!

Heres the original Japanese cover artwork:



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