HABU goes Forth!

HABU goes Forth! (Full Japanese title: 魔獣戦士HABUが行く – Makemonosenshi HABU ga iku) was an 8 chapter erotic fantasy manga originally serialized in Manga Erotopia and then later collected into a 2 volume book release by Wani Magazine Comics. The first volume was published on October 1st, 1987 with the second volume being published exactly one month later on November 1st.

The story revolves around the main protagonist,16 Habu Mioh, a bone idle delinquent that also happens to be the eldest son of the venerable Dragon King. Appalled by his son’s downright laziness, the Dragon King strips Habu of his ability to use his spirit energy powers by sealing them within a cross on his forehead before banishing him to the human realm where he must prove himself worthy of his bloodline. Habu’s father isn’t a complete tyrant though, and since he wants to see his son return to the Dragon Folk realm as a worthy heir to the throne, he allows Habu to keep his superior physical strength. Stranded in the human realm, Habu’s only chance of getting back to his own realm is by absorbing a large number of souls belonging to people who possess spirit energy. This would normally be a very easy task for him to accomplish but, due to his father stripping him of his spirit powers, Habu is unable to even sense who has a soul worthy of absorbing. His luck goes from bad to worse too when news of his banishment quickly sends ripples throughout the demon realm thanks to an old legend claiming that eternal youth will be granted to anybody who devours the liver of a blood descendant of the Dragon King. Habu is reminded of this old legend when his younger brother, Akane, pays him a visit and lets him know that the demon realm are excited at the prospect of killing him and that he will have to watch his step since the entire realm are out for his blood. Habu takes the news surprisingly well and even looks forward to the attention since it will finally bring some excitement to his otherwise tedious life on Earth. Little does he know however, that the first demon in line to try and kill him is none other than the insidious Lord Rangi…

habu2Habu goes Forth! is a really enjoyable read from start to finish with incredible artwork and some really inventive creature designs. The characters that appear throughout the story are equally as interesting too as we see Habu coming up against some really freaky individuals. After the first couple of chapters it is revealed that the person responsible for commanding the demons to kill Habu is actually the Demon Empress, Lady Melda. Though beautiful in appearance, the centuries have begun to take a toll on her body and she wishes for nothing more than to secure herself eternal youth. It is with this desire in mind that she sends Lord Rangi to kill Habu but, after several attempts, (the final one ending in his penises being ripped off) it quickly becomes apparent to Melda that bringing in Habu’s liver is gonna take a lot more firepower than she initially hoped. This is where Suzaku Minoh comes in. Suzaku, a hermaphrodite and also Lady Melda’s personal sex servant, is a beautiful young girl with the powerful ability to seduce anyone be they male or female. Making use of her powers, she quickly inserts herself into Habu’s class at high school using the same memory trick on everyone that he does, and immediately sets about seducing and manipulating the school Judo champion, Gomi. Between Gomi, Suzaku, and a whole range of foes including a possessed exorcist by the name of Korin, Habu’s life becomes a desperate fight for survival that barely pauses for breath over the entire 2 volumes. It’s literally tits and tentacles from to start to finish!

Written right after Urotsukidōji, Habu goeshabu3 Forth! has a very similar feel to it’s predecessor. The possession-through-sex angle plays a role again as do some of the character designs – Habu and Akane in particular reminded me very much of Amanojaku and Kuroko. This story even has three realms too so you can tell this was obviously a winning formula for Maeda during this period of his career. To be honest though, it’s a formula which he pulls off with aplomb because even though the similarities between this manga and Urotsukidōji may immediately spring to mind when reading it, you’ll find yourself drawn into the plot and Habu’s story so quickly it won’t bother you in the slightest. For me personally, Habu goes Forth! is probably in my top 5 of Maeda titles. I love the crisp artwork, interesting story, quick pacing, and overall supernatural vibe contained within this manga and I’m sure most fans would agree too. This manga also has a special place in my heart since it’s the first one of his titles that I actually translated into English for the Tentacle Club on the official Toshio Maeda website. In fact, you can read the first chapter for free (in Japanese) right here which is pretty awesome! Aside from the Tentacle Club, Habu goes Forth! is yet to receive a published English edition but copies of the original Japanese volumes can be found quite easily via the usual used book routes so I wholeheartedly recommend tracking down a copy since the artwork alone makes it more than worth it! Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

Here’s the original Japanese cover artwork for both volumes:

025魔獣戦士HABUが行く01 026魔獣戦士HABUが行く02


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