Demon Beast Invasion

Demon Beast Invasion (Japanese title: 妖獣教室 – Yōjū Kyōshitsu) was a 21 chapter erotic sci-fi/horror manga originally serialized on a monthly basis in Action Camera magazine and later collected into a 2 volume tankobon release by Action Camera’s parent company, Wani Magazine, on June 1st 1989 and September 15th of the same year respectively.

Demon Beast Invasion is the story of Kayodb4 Asakura, a college student at Meisei Academy whose life is suddenly turned upside down one day when a blinding flash of light, followed by a smoldering crater from something that’s fallen from outer space suddenly appears on the campus grounds. Thinking nothing of the curious flash of light, Kayo and her classmates bring their attention back to their studies and go about their day as usual. Later that afternoon, Kayo’s boyfriend, Tsutomu Kawai, comes to meet her so they can walk home together. No sooner do they set off however, Tsutomu manages to fall down the mini crater in the school yard. Kayo’s friend Yoshiko, approaches the edge of the crater to check on Tsutomu but he accidentally pulls her into the hole too. Despite the peculiar mishap, they both reemerge from the crater apparently unscathed, laugh it off and head home.

db3That night, Kayo drops by Yoshiko’s house to give her back her study notes when she sees that Yoshiko appears to be getting raped by some kind of monster. The next morning at school, Miss Yamazaki the beautiful English teacher is suddenly raped by a similar looking monster. The girls try to flee but the monster grabs one of them and rapes her too. Kayo manages to fend off the monster by throwing a fire extinguisher at the beast causing it to retreat. By sheer coincidence, Tsutomu turns up on the scene immediately after the beast flees the scene looking somewhat surprised. Freaked out, Kayo asks him to walk her home but as she talks his thoughts reveal that in fact he too is one of the aliens and that the experiment to conjoin with human organisms was a success meaning that within a few years he can likely go back to his home planet of “Quasar”.

It soon becomes clear that the monsterdb1 responsible for the sudden surge in rapes is actually Tsutomu. Kayo, of course, is none the wiser but she begins to get fed up with constantly having to wait around for him to meet her. Due to the trauma inflicted on Miss Yamazaki, she is on medical leave to deal with what happened. As such, the college swiftly hires a replacement teacher to cover her classes. Enter Professor Kasu. He comes off as a little strange when addressing his students for the first time but he wastes no time in telepathically communicating with Tsutomu to “congratulate” him on surviving his long journey from Quasar. Tsutomu immediately identifies him as an Agent from the “Interplanetary Mutual Observation Agency” (in the English translation of the Manga though he is rather wittingly called a “F.U.C.S Agent” – Federation of Unified Celestial Systems!) who is out to stop him. Later that day, Kayo catches Tsutomu receiving fellatio from Miss Yoshida. Angry, Kayo confronts him but he grabs her, transforms into his true self and violates her. Professor Kasu immediately arrives on the scene and blasts Tsutomu away in a powerful beam of light. Kasu then erases Kayo’s feelings of affection towards Tsutomu allowing her to go back to being a normal student again. Unbeknownst to her though, she is actually pregnant with his baby.

db2Kayo suddenly gives birth to the baby in the presence of her friend, Miki, at home. Kayo loses consciousness as she delivers the beast baby but the newborn infant immediately sets about breeding by raping Kayo’s panicked friend. Professor Kasu looks on from above as he decides whether to erase the baby and mother or not. Eventually deciding to intervene and destroy the infant, Kasu confronts the beast but to his horror, his attacks have no effect. Not only is the baby immune to his attacks but he is also much stronger than Kasu. The infant destroys Kasu but Kasu manages to send a final message back to the federation warning them of the impending threat. The ball of energy constituting of Kasu’s final life force heads up to space but is sent straight back to earth due to a lack of available agents to take over his mission. The ball of light ends up finding a homeless guy on the streets of Tokyo. Awakened to his new destiny, he immediately sets about tracking down the beast infant.

The infant sheds his skin and becomes a fully grown adult within hours of its birth. Not wasting any time, the beast rapes and kills one of the patients of a nearby hospital and then rapes the nurse that discovers the body. Kayo is in the same hospital getting checked out by a gynecologist regarding her phantom birth. On her way out of the hospital ward she encounters her “son” with a batch of mutated babies in the maternity wing. Elsewhere, the spirit of Kasu that has commandeered the body of a homeless man, decides to switch bodies and transmits itself into the body of a nearby bike gang leader leaving the homeless tramp scratching his head as to why he is near the hospital all of a sudden.

The Beast rapes Kayo’s friend Miki again086 which causes her to transform into a beast herself. At this moment the bike gang leader intervenes with his entire gang as they tear up the hospital corridors on their bikes setting off the fire sprinklers which dissolves the mutant babies. The gang leader (who is now an Interplanetary Agent) suplexes Miki which causes her to revert back her normal self. The main beast flees the scene amid the chaos. The next morning at school, Kayo walks in on a class orgy. The Agent and his bike gang amass outside the school gates ready for battle once again. The gang fire a smoke grenade into the classroom and ride off. The students immediately go back to their orgy as if nothing happened. That night one of the girls goes home and antagonizes her parents by sticking a soda can in her pussy. She then transforms into a monster and kills her family. The Agent is too late to save their lives but successfully kills the demon. Elsewhere, Kayo visits Miki to see how she’s coping.

The Agent breaks into Miki’s bedroom and confronts Kayo. He tells her that the Beast is currently conjoined with her and forces the beast to show itself. The beast shows itself from it’s hiding place but only partially as an attack on him whilst conjoined would kill Kayo too. He escapes via the window taking Kayo with him. The agent chases after the beast and Kayo and finds himself at the hole in the school ground where he first landed on earth.

189The Agent finds the demon raping Kayo (his own mum? jeez…) along with a huge monolithic statue of a demon. The demon reveals that actually the demon beasts originally came from earth and bred with the natives. The offspring from those ancient times became modern day humans which is why they are compatible for breeding. As such, the demon argues that his kind are not invading Earth but simply “visiting home”. The Agent refuses to back down and teleports himself and the demon to a different dimension leaving Kayo alone at the school yard. Some days later, Kayo goes to see her classmate, Hitomi, give a pop performance but suddenly she falls nauseous and sprouts a huge tentacle cock from under skirt and rapes Hitomi. Clearly possessed by some being, Kayo is unable to stop her actions. Hitomi goes straight on stage for her live TV performance but finds herself exposing her private parts against her will by an outside force live on TV. Suddenly, the demon that Kayo gave birth to interrupts the broadcast from the dimension he is currently exiled in. The agent is seen floating dead behind the beast clearly unable to survive in a different realm. The beast then broadcasts to the entire world that the demon race were on earth first and that they want their planet and bodies back. War between the demons and the humans is declared….

…Thus concludes the first volume of Demon Beast Invasion.

The remainder of the story takes an interesting turn of events involving a whole new batch of characters not to mention some good ol’ possession elements from both good and evil forces. Though this Manga was written a few years after Urotsukidōji, there is a very cool sci-fi vibe present throughout the story which really reminds the reader of Maeda’s earlier masterpiece. Overseas publishers saw the parallels too as Demon Beast Invasion got picked up and licensed by North American publishers, Central Park Media, who released it under their Manga-18 label in 2002. It may be worth noting here though that the American release of the manga was uncensored (rather, the genitals were later drawn in by an anonymous artist as opposed to Maeda himself) and the dialogue was a little racier compared to the original release. Either way, it still makes for a fun and entertaining read!

Unfortunately, Demon Beast Invasion is now out of print both in Japan and North America but copies can still be found on eBay and Yahoo! Auction so be sure to pick up a copy if you see one. You certainly won’t be disappointed!

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Special thanks to Toshio Maeda and Jan Brem for the cover images and publication date info! Thank you both very much!