Adventure Kid

Adventure Kid (Japanese title:アドベンチャーKID) is an erotic science fiction manga that was originally serialized in Manga Erotopia and later collected into 4 volumes and released via their Wani Magazine Comics label from November 1st, 1988 through to November 1st the following year. Adventure Kid is also one of the few titles by Maeda that received an official North American release some years later in 2003 when Central Park Media acquired the rights and published it via their Manga 18 label.

img_2537Set in Tokyo, the story is about a young boy called Norikazu Hanyu who, when he stumbles across an old computer buried within the dirt of the construction site for his new house, decides to test out the disk drive with some software he happens to be carrying on him. His curiosity backfires however when upon placing the disk in the dirt covered drive, a small electric explosion occurs, sending Norikazu flying several feet back and knocking him out cold. He is rushed to hospital but after an examination by the head doctor it is determined that Norikazu’s physical condition is perfectly fine with zero irregularity in his brainwaves. Relieved, Norikazu’s father, who happens to be an incredibly horny old man, quickly comes on to the nurse taking care of his son and screws her right there in the hospital ward. Leaving the hospital, Norikazu’s father bumps into Midori Asai, a young girl who has a crush on Norikazu, as she drops by to pay his son a visit. After talking briefly with his father, she enters the ward that Norikazu is hospitalized only to discover him missing from his bed. Midori goes in search of him and discovers him wandering about outside the hospital. Taking care not to be spotted, she trails behind him and soon senses that he isn’t his normal self. She watches from afar as Norikazu wanders back to the construction site, digs up the battered old computer, and takes it back to his house. The demonic expression on Norikazu’s face startles Midori but she continues to trail him back to his house where she sees him break into his room by climbing through the window. Realizing that something is definitely up, Midori rushes off to get Norikazu’s friend, Yuma, to come and check on him. Looking through the window of his room, the two friends see him maniacally typing away on the computer as if possessed. Suddenly their worst fears are confirmed when they witness a powerful beam of data emanate from the monitor and directly onto Norikazu. Concerned for his safety, Midori ignores Yuma’s pleas to stay out of the way and climbs into the room via the window before barging Norikazu out of the way as she tries to shut down the computer. Her attempt at saving him is successful but what she doesn’t count on is being sucked into the computer monitor itself. Suddenly coming to his senses, Norikazu looks at Yuma in bewilderment before turning to face the monitor where he sees that Midori has somehow been teleported back to 1943 Saipan…

Both Norikazu and Yuma are atad2 a complete loss as to what’s going on but, before either of them can make any sense of the situation, Norikazu is sucked into the monitor too leaving Yuma in a bewildered state of shock as his father barges into the room to see what all the commotion is about. Leaving his friends stranded inside the computer, Yuma heads outside to get some air and pull himself together. Walking about outside, he encounters his friend Hiromi who is passing through the neighborhood with his gang of delinquents. Sensing something is troubling Yuma, Hiromi asks him what he’s so worried about to which Yuma gives him the full account of what’s just happened. Hiromi, never one to shy away from an adventure, offers to bring his gang with him and help bring back Norikazu and Midori no matter the cost; even it means going inside the computer to do so. Staying true to his word, Hiromi and his gang join Yuma in entering the computer dimension where they find themselves teleported back in history to 1943 Saipan, the same time and location that Midori and Norikazu are. Immediately prior to their arrival however, Norikazu is shot dead by American troops in the course of protecting Midori. With him out of the way, the troops begin to molest Midori but she is saved from any further indignation when Yuma appears out of nowhere with Hiromi and his gang, landing directly on top of the American troops knocking them out instantly. Midori tells Yuma that Norikazu has been shot dead but when looking back to see his body, he has mysteriously disappeared. Elsewhere, Norikazu regains consciousness and finds himself in the realm of the dead where he is confronted by the terrifying floating head of a professor claiming to be trapped inside the computer. According the professor, he hid inside the computer during the second world war in order to escape the tyrannical secret police known as “Tokko”. Unfortunately for him though, they found him residing within the computer and not knowing how to deal with him, opted to bury him alive where he stayed for 40 years until Norikazu stumbled upon the computer and unwittingly released him. Revenge being the only thought on his mind during his 40 year incarceration in the dirt, the spirit of the professor has become one of pure hatred and rage towards humanity but he stills finds the gratitude within himself to thank Norikazu for releasing him and heals his savior before teleporting him away to another timeline.

ad3Back in 1943 Saipan, Yuma, Midori, Hiromi and his gang are still fighting against the American troops. They briefly get the upper hand when one of Hiromi’s lackeys uses the fireworks he stole from Norikazu’s room but the tables are soon turned when the floating head of the professor suddenly appears and summons zombie soldiers out of the ground to support the American troops. With a sudden bang, our friends are teleported safely back to Norikazu’s house in the real world. At exactly this time, Norikazu is teleported from the realm of the dead to the professor’s laboratory where he meets the professor moments before he hides himself inside the computer. Norikazu attempts to explain to him the consequences of the professor’s actions should he choose to enter the computer but his explanation is cut short when a grenade is thrown under the door by the secret police, triggering an explosion that causes him to teleport once again to another realm. In a bizarre twist of fate, Norikazu is reunited with Midori whilst travelling through cyberspace and the two are both teleported to a mysterious fantasy realm where they encounter a beautiful alien being by the name of Eganko. The two friends ask Eganko to help them get back to the human world but she simply explains that the only way back is by finding the key that unlocks the portal connecting each realm. As if by magic, a sword and shield suddenly appear in Midori’s hands causing her to spring into battle when a swarm of mutated beasts begin to encroach on the two. Appearing to be enjoying herself, Midori continues hacking and slashing away at the minions whilst Yuma, back in the human world, stares in disbelief at the computer monitor. With each slash she makes, the game becomes more and more realistic until he is clearly able to see his friends stranded on the screen. Slaying the final beast, the evil floating head of the professor emerges from a nearby pool and explains to Norikazu, Midori, and the “good” professor (he somehow teleported here with Norikazu too) that they are in fact stuck in the “gaming world” thanks to the game disk that Norikazu put in the drive when he first dug up the computer, and that he has no idea how they can escape. Wishing the trio luck, the head disappears back into the pool leaving them at a loss as to what to do. Before the three of them can gather their wits together, a pack of gnomes appear out of nowhere and, convinced that Midori is the fabled hero that will set them free from a terrifying ogre after witnessing her earlier swordsmanship, proceed to kidnap her and the professor marching them both back to their hidden cave.

Eganko, now left alone with Norikazu,ad7-1 proceeds to seduce him by posing naked in front of him and asking him for some of his sperm. Naturally, he finds it difficult to resist her and decides to go along with Eganko’s advances starting with a little foreplay. Elsewhere, Midori and the professor are greeted like heroes upon arriving at the secret cave of the gnome clan. They tell her there is a terrifying ogre that is bullying them and that after seeing her wielding the legendary “Hero sword” she must be the fabled hero that will come to protect them and defeat their oppressor. Right on cue, a giant foot crashes through the cave ceiling as Kingan the ogre barges into their hiding place and encounters Midori face-to-face. Kingan takes an immediate shine to Midori and proposes to her right off the bat. Ignoring her refusals, Kingan picks her up by the feet and takes her to the back of the cave so that he can screw her. Midori agrees to let him have his way provided he shrinks to a size that’s even smaller than her. Unable to restrain his horniness, Kingan agrees to shrink to a much smaller size, even going as far as shrinking to the same size as the gnomes. Seizing her chance, Midori ties Kingan up with a ribbon so that he can’t revert back to his original size when the gnome elder interjects and snaps Kingan’s horn off his head. Tossing the tiny horn to Midori, he explains that if she swallows the horn, Kingan will become her slave for eternity and that any refusal on his part to do her bidding will result in him melting and dying instantly. Giving Kingan the new name of “Tsunotaro” (in the official English release Midori names him “Horny”) Midori heads back to find Norikazu. Her search doesn’t take long however when she returns to the location she was abducted and finds him he’s laying on the floor checking out Eganko’s pussy. Interrupting the two in style, Midori throws a sword at the couple resulting in the blade striking the ground between Norikazu’s face and Eganko’s genitals. Eganko is furious that Kingan has been tricked by Midori and fallen under her control but she agrees to send the trio back to the human world provided that she can come with them. With a single command, Kingan transforms into a key which Eganko then inserts into her crotch, opening the portal to the human world. Back in the human world a nonchalant Yuma stares at the computer screen unable to understand what’s going on when the group of adventurers suddenly burst through the screen back to their home realm with Eganko and Kingan in tow. The first volume ends with the group in a huddle on Norikazu’s bedroom floor…

ad4As you can imagine, the hijinks continue straight off the bat in the second volume now that Eganko and Kingan are running amok in the human world. Matters are made doubly chaotic when it’s revealed that the evil professor spirit somehow migrated from the digital world to the human world alongside our heroes too but, since this title has an official English release, I shall refrain from revealing anymore of the plot. Adventure Kid, like the rest of Maeda’s work, has a great deal of erotica contained within it’s 4 volumes but it’s the sci-fi story line that really makes this one stand out. It’s a fun read for sure but you can really get the sense that Maeda enjoyed writing this too since it contains everything from voodoo dolls, cock bugs, mandroids, and sex changes to nuclear bombs, amazon tribes, and alien wrestling. Even Miko from La Blue Girl makes a cameo! There’s some cool little nods to some of his earlier works peppered throughout the story too with Maeda himself making an appearance as a school bully in a brief set up that is very similar to what happens to Yūichi Niki in Urotsukidōji. Kingan being a reluctant heir to the throne is like a reverse spin-off of what happens in Habu ga Iku which was penned only a year prior to this release too. Adventure Kid is a solid manga with so much going on within the pages that it’s fun for new time readers of Maeda’s works yet also a blast for those that are well versed in his style. As such, it’s no surprise that both the manga, and the 3 episode anime that it spawned, were snapped up by Central Park Media and given official English language releases in the U.S. Interestingly, the U.K also got the anime released on it’s shores despite the manga never making it there but it was renamed as “Adventure Duo” due to concerns that parents might be fooled by the Adventure Kid title and unwittingly buy their children an erotic cartoon! To this day, Adventure Kid remains ranked up there alongside Urotsukidōji and La Blue Girl largely thanks to it’s success in the overseas market and for being one of the three titles that really cemented Maeda’s presence in the English speaking world. Despite the fact that Adventure Kid is currently out of print both in Japan and in North America, tracking down copies isn’t too difficult so if you come across a set, I highly recommend picking it up. With Urotsukidōji recently getting a re-release in the U.S I can’t imagine it being too long before this one gets a similar treatment so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Here’s the original Japanese covers: (Click to enlarge)

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And here’s the North American Manga 18 edition covers:

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