Welcome to Gedō Gakuen!

Greetings fellow tentacle freaks!

This month we look at the 1988 supernatural erotic thriller Gedō Gakuen! Some of you dedicated Maeda fans might recognize this work but know it by its U.S anime title “Nightmare Campus” instead though! Since the original manga was never licensed or released overseas, I decided to give you all a full plot summary of this forgotten gem right here so please be sure to check it out! Many thanks and see you all again in a few weeks!



7 thoughts on “Welcome to Gedō Gakuen!

    • Hi Chris!
      Thanks for checking out the Tentacle Lounge!
      Thankfully, incest isn’t Maeda-Sensei’s style so you’ll be glad to know that you can read the overwhelming majority of his work and never encounter that kind of thing!

      • im really glad to hear that please tell me there is no lolicon or shotacon in his work i hate it

      • hey i hate to keep bothering you but you said a mojority of toshio maedas work dosnt have incest does that mean a small portion does? or none of his work does?

  1. Thanks again for the comment Chris!

    I say “Majority” because I own (and have read) all of his work that has ever been released in book format and I’ve never encountered it before BUT there are some series he wrote that never got collated into a book release that I will perhaps never read or see. As such, since it’s unlikely I’ll ever read or find those series, I can’t say 100% for sure that he HASN’T touched on incest.

    However, as far as his books that got a commercial release here in Japan are concerned, none of them contain those things you don’t like! in other words, feel free to track down his works and read them!

    Sorry for the slow response! Hope that helps!

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