The Ogre Hunter is here!

Hello again! Didn’t expect to see me back this soon right?!

This time I take a look at the 1988 supernatural short story, “Ogre Hunting”!!
It’s one of my favorites so be a good sport and give it a look! Cheers!



2 thoughts on “The Ogre Hunter is here!

  1. Hi Brendan. Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the time and dedication that obviously goes into all of your articles. I came across your blog purely by chance after reading about your translation work on the Hokuto No Ken “e-one” book on one of your twitter posts. As a big fan of that particular series It instantly grabbed my attention however when I saw your handle and bio I was intrigued to check out your blog particularly given its focus. I was first introduced to Maeda’s work like many people through the anime adaptation of Urotsukidoji and have always wanted to read more of his manga but been saddened by its availability here in the UK until Fakku stepped in recently. It’s great that you’re shedding light on some of his lesser known works. So many great manga are lost to the mists of time, lying forgotten in untranslated anthologies that It saddens me. I applaud any efforts to bring them into the spotlight. i doubt I would have ever known Maeda created a manga about John Dillinger unless you’d told us about it here! Ogre Hunting sounds like exactly my kind of story! I plan to visit Japan in 2019 and I’ll probably have a rake through some used bookstores to find some unusual untranslated titles. Would be nice to try and score some of the Maeda titles you’ve talked about.

  2. Hello Craig!
    Thanks so much for the comment! I don’t get many so it’s always a nice surprise when I do!
    Many thanks for the warm words of encouragement! I just checked out your blog and was thrilled to see that you are covering the classics since they don’t get nearly as much love as they deserve it seems! I was also happily surprised to see that you and I are the same age (and same nationality!)

    Yeah, I decided to create this blog after becoming friends with Maeda-sensei. After drinking with him and realizing there was a shit-ton of work by him that was not only unknown outside Japan, but also largely forgotten in his native country, I decided to rectify that the best I could and created the Tentacle Lounge! I am quite slow at times in updating the site since I have a busy work schedule, coupled with the amount of time it takes for me to read and research each title, (there’s a massive lack of info out there and I often have to ask sensei himself for insight!) but I really enjoy it and am overjoyed to see that others like reading it too!

    As for Hokuto no Ken, that was probably one of the most exciting manga projects I’ve worked on! It was a favorite of mine since my high school days so when the opportunity came along to translate it into English, I jumped at the chance! If you get manage to get a copy in the future, I really hope you enjoy the translation since a lot of love went into it!

    I’ve followed your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts! Keep up the great work and thanks again for the comment!


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